Oliy Barrett
Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read

Hey everyone! I have some awesome news. Today I’m excited to announce that we’re now the #1 bot AND server list on Google, completing our mission to become to the leading platform for discovering anything on Discord. We’re sitting at about 10 times the size of anyone else!

To celebrate this, we’re giving away $500 to the #1 bot, $250 to the #2 bot, and $100 to 3 randomly chosen bots with over 1000 upvotes for the next 2 months. Voting resets tomorrow, so there’s still time to implement rewards and webhooks if you haven’t already.

We are also giving $500 to 2 randomly chosen Discord Servers on DSL with more than 1000 members. To qualify you must be a publicly listed Discord Server on DSL. One winner will be picked in November, and one winner will be picked in December.

Everyone has a chance with voting, as you can see with Mudae almost passing Pokecord in just a short few months. The playing field is yours — and millions of users are ready to use the things you build.

We’re now in the top 3000 sites in the USA at the moment (around the size of Miniclip). Today we are finally able to bring the strength of our scale to Discord Server discovery by taking #1 on Google. If you don’t have your bot or server listed with us yet, you’re definitely missing out :-)

This also means that, if you are a top bot, you will now be seen by anyone searching for Discord servers with us. It should get you a ton of joins!

Our users discover nearly 2 million bots and servers through our platform each month. We’re excited to see which new winners emerge this month, and which old winners remain.

To start getting your users to vote for your bot, implement https://discordbots.org/api/docs#webhooks

If you’re looking how to list your server, look no further than https://discordbots.org/servers/new

We wouldn’t have been here without all of you supporting us — so thanks a ton everyone. We look forward to growing with all of you as you develop bigger, better things. To see what we have planned for this, stay posted.

Discord Bots

A blog for all information surrounding discord bots and our site!

Oliy Barrett

Written by

Founder and Web Developer at discordbots.org

Discord Bots

A blog for all information surrounding discord bots and our site!

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