Oliy Barrett
Sep 13 · 3 min read

We have some very exciting news to share. 3 years ago, our website started off as a place for developers to share their Discord creations. Fast forward 3 years, hundreds of thousands of people use our site every day, and we're driving tens of thousands of server joins and bot installs every day. Your Discord creations have become far more than just small concepts. They have become companies and projects that scale far beyond Discord itself.

Sneak preview of upcoming features and new UI for rankings

This is exciting, both for us and for the community. But unfortunately, we weren't able to create much value for those communities outside of Discord. We started Discord Bots to help creators get their projects discovered, and today we're taking a big step towards broadening the possibilities on the platform. Discord Bots will be rebranding to TOP.GG. Initially, you won't see much change, as this is the best way to maintain a stable ranking in search results, since making sure your content gets discovered is still our top priority. Slowly but surely over time, you will see us roll out the full rebrand, and eventually help get your creations far beyond Discord itself.

We’ll still remain heavily focused on Discord as a community, and Discord Bots will be the primary purpose of the site for the foreseeable future, but we’re excited to be able to start offering different forms of content and help you get your next creation discovered.

More sneak peeks — Tags, categories, and subscriptions

With that said - in order to build out all these features, we’re expanding our teams as well! If you want to be part of helping creators get their content discovered, please reach out by sending in an application.

The API will continue to operate at discordbots.org/api, as we do not want to cause a disturbance in your operations.

We're excited to go on this journey with you, and believe this is a massive step into building a platform to help you and your friends discover the best gaming content, communities, and apps.

All votes and metrics systems will seamlessly carry over — so if you haven’t already, get started by adding voting to your bot

Thank you!


Discord Bots

A blog for all information surrounding discord bots and our site!

Oliy Barrett

Written by

Founder and Web Developer at discordbots.org

Discord Bots

A blog for all information surrounding discord bots and our site!

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