2022 Elections

Change Agents: General Election Endorsements

With a city that has been thrown into turmoil by leaders spouting bigotry, voters head to the polls with a chance to demand real change.

7 min readOct 16, 2022


F*ck That Guy…He’s with the Blacks.

- Nury Martinez on DA Gascón

As I sat down for lunch yesterday, the events of the past week weighed heavily on my mind. To me, it was the casualness of the racism that was the most jarring and I was thinking about how deep this bigotry lies within the halls of power. After eating my corporate Chinese food I opened my fortune cookie and was struck with how appropriate its message was to this moment in our city’s history:

Ever the optimist, I still have hope that the status quo can eventually be broken. America’s greatness lies not in our historical record but in what we aspire to be. I believe that the same can be said about Los Angeles. Yes, we have made progress toward equality for all, but this last week is a reminder that our journey has just begun.

In order to achieve change, we must be demanding of our leaders. That starts with our selections in the voting booth. I believe the following candidates are the…



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