Democrats Are Anti-Choice

Tarun John
Jun 16 · 2 min read

Abortion is only one issue, what about freedom of choice everywhere else?

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In 2017 Congress passed Right to Try Act, which gives patients, and their doctors, the right to try drugs that have passed FDA Phase 1 trials. Two years later one of the patients who benefited from it, Natalie Harp, details her story in an excellent op-ed. She credits the law with saving her life. There are further hundreds of cases where the law has saved lives.

Let’s preface. The moral argument for a woman’s right to choose in matters of abortion is simple, and in my opinion apropos: my body my choice, i.e. body-autonomy. Far-left and far-right may not agree philosophically on ownership of property, but they do agree on one thing: you own your body.

But the concept of body-autonomy surely cannot start and end at the abortion issue. But if you’re a typical Democrat, it does. The same party that screeches about a woman’s reproductive freedom, apparently thinks a woman (and man), and their doctor, should have no freedom in trying experimental drugs, because had Democrats controlled the House in 2017, the Right to Try Bill would not have passed. Apparently it’s not my body my choice in this case. Instead they punted on a straw-man: patient safety. Imagine the parallel, imagine the liberal uproar if conservatives said a woman must get approval for safety reasons from a government agency, before she can get an abortion.

Take another example, Democrats have been sandbagging Republican efforts to make birth-control readily available over-the-counter (OTC) without prescription, since as far back as 2014, while simultaneously telling women that Republicans want to reduce their access to birth-control.

Fact is aside from abortion, almost any position you can think of, Democrats are vehemently anti-choice.

The 2010 documentary Waiting for Superman chronicles the struggles, and excitement, parents and students face when they win or lose the lottery, that grants them the ability to send their kids to a better school. To remedy this issue, Republicans have long sought to give parents the choice in where to send their kids, and long blocked by Democrats. Instead black mothers end up in prison for sending their kids to a school in another district. Even ignoring the fact that private and charter schools vastly outperform public schools, or even the fact that public schools perform better when exposed to competition, the moral question is, should you not have the freedom of choice in where to send your kids to school? The Democrats say no.

One can go down the list of policies, and find that Democrats are mostly anti-choice. Reason Magazine back in 2012 did a very entertaining piece on the subject.

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Dialogue & Discourse

News and ideas worth talking about. Fundamentally informative and intelligently analytical.

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