Down Goes Biden.

Iowa and New Hampshire are done, but that firewall in the south he relied on has evaporated.

Lauren Martinchek
Feb 12 · 3 min read
Photo via Joe Biden on Instagram

With Iowa and New Hampshire officially behind us, Bernie Sanders has now won the popular vote in both Iowa and New Hampshire, something neither Clinton or Obama were able to do. In the modern era of American politics, any presidential candidate who was able to do that has gone on to win the nomination, and every single national poll I’ve seen since the beginning of February has shown Bernie officially taking the lead as the frontrunner.

So where does that leave Joe Biden?

After his abysmal fourth place finish in Iowa, many were speculating if his campaign would be able to recover, and whether that firewall of the south would hold. Well, polling from South Carolina even before states began to vote appears to show that the firewall is evaporating. I can’t imagine a fifth place finish in New Hampshire is going to do anything to help the steady decline.

I think it’s finally safe to say Joe Biden is done.

No delegates, not enough money, and no viable path to the nomination. I’m not sorry at all to see him go, and watching that electability argument go with him. Now, the real question is who the corporate donors will ultimately decide to rally behind. Will it be Bloomberg, Buttigieg, or even Klobuchar? Frankly, none of them have a very good chance considering Buttigieg and Klobuchar have virtually no support among minority voters, and Bloomberg’s taped conversations pertaining to stop and frisk have now gone viral. I look forward to watching Bernie dominate the next debate stage, and the election moving forward while the three of them fight amongst themselves to see who will come out on top. It’ll be fascinating to watch the polls over the next couple of weeks, and see where things begin to fall. The dynamics of the race have shifted completely since Biden entered, and it feels incredible to have a candidate who has spent his entire career fighting for the American people coming out on top.

Frankly, I would not be at all surprised if the panic surrounding Bernie’s momentum has already prompted big money donors and bundlers to make calls to Joe Biden and his staff, telling him it’s time to at least prepare for the possibility of dropping out.

Now, it appears abundantly clear why Barack Obama not only has refused to endorse Mr. Biden, but discouraged him from running. This was likely the last move of Biden’s political career, and his legacy would have been much more positive in the eyes of the public if he had just avoided running altogether. But vanity and a pathological desire for power is a strong motivator to do almost anything, and it’s no surprise that it ended this way. His record was now being vetted in ways it hadn’t been in decades, and the downfall of his campaign is the ultimate result.

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