Press and Politics

Freedom of the Press — A Tempting Target of Tyrants.

With a solid and classifiable voice against the Chinese government, Apple Daily had the bullseye painted on its back.

Arriving at the Chinese embassy following a hearse, RSF representatives in Paris staged a mock funeral procession, delivering a coffin and funeral flowers with a placard inscribed “Apple Daily (1995–2021).”

There is no better tool than the press to catechize the government. Bullies attack, censor, jail, and murder journalists…




News and ideas worthy of discourse. Fundamentally informative and intelligently analytical.

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Sakshi Kharbanda, Ph.D.

Sakshi Kharbanda, Ph.D.

Learner| Researcher| Writer. Writes on Democracy, Capitalism and Inclusion. Fascinated by Mathematics and Mathematicians.

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