Hillary Clinton’s $100,000 Zoom Call Tickets Represent Everything Wrong With the Democratic Party.

The latest Joe Biden fundraising efforts are leaving me more convinced than ever that the democratic party is beyond all hope.

Lauren Elizabeth
May 8, 2020 · 4 min read
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Scrolling through my Twitter feed I happened to notice a tweet sent out by Richard Medhurst, drawing attention to a new fundraising endeavor for Joe Biden’s general election campaign against Donald Trump. Linked in the tweet was an event put on by the Biden Victory Fund involving a Zoom call, entitled: ‘Virtual Conversation with Hillary Rodham Clinton and DNC Chair Tom Perez’.

Tickets for this Zoom call are selling for as high as $100,000 dollars.

Of course, there are other levels of contribution as well. A “champion” can purchase a ticket for $50,000, “guests” for $5,600, and limited availability “attendee” tickets are selling for $2,800. If you want to be considered a “friend” to the Biden campaign and by extension the democratic party as well, you must purchase a ticket for no less than $15,600.

In the month of April alone, 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the economic fallout it created. Aside from losing their ability to pay rent or put food on the table for themselves and their families, they’ve lost their health insurance as well. As the lines outside food banks grow longer and desperation throughout the country increases, Hillary Clinton and Tom Perez will grant a “supporter” the honor of a private zoom call conversation for a minimum of $41,100.

This isn’t a democracy, it’s an auction to the highest bidder. If this fundraising effort alone isn’t enough to prompt a voter to acknowledge that the democratic party is arguably beyond all hope, then I’m not sure what will.

Needless to say, a party charging you over $15,000 dollars just to be considered a friend is not a party of the people, and a party charging a minimum of $41,100 dollars for a private conversation is not going to listen to the concerns of the middle and working classes. While they continue to present themselves as the “resistance” to Donald Trump’s administration and its practices, the Democrats instead have proven to be representative of the greed and corruption that allowed him to rise to power in the first place. $100,000 zoom call tickets are not going to create the change necessary to improve the lives of the American people let alone motivate them to turn out and vote, but credit to Joe Biden for at least admitting that nothing would be fundamentally different under his leadership.

When Democrats lose in November, this loss does not get to be blamed on the Bernie Sanders supporter. The democratic party has been warned for fives years about what would happen if they continued in this direction, and rather than use the 2016 election as a learning moment they have doubled down on the practices that has disenfranchised and demoralized countless voters. But given the economic circumstances people across the nation are finding themselves in, this type of behavior isn’t just repugnant it’s frankly dangerous.

Not only are these $100,000 Zoom call tickets an indicator of what’s wrong with the democratic party, they’re representative of what’s wrong with the American political and economic system overall. Forget pitchforks and “social unrest”. Those terms are mere child’s play in comparison to what could be coming in the near future when more and more of us lose everything while political figures in both parties continue to ignore the pain and trauma we’re feeling. As more time passes and the crisis continues to get worse, I’ve never been more convinced the United States is at the very least on the verge of becoming a failed state. Learning about this Zoom call fundraiser did little to ease my concerns.

If we want any chance at an opportunity for a livable future that prioritizes the wellbeing of human beings over power and profits, then it’s time to abandon the democratic party once and for all. After seeing this, I’m not ashamed to say that they absolutely deserve the loss they have coming to them in this approaching election. We cannot tolerate this any longer, and we have a responsibility not just to ourselves and our communities but to the generations that come after us to demand and cultivate better. There is too much at stake to let this type of behavior continue, and it has never been more critical to remember that it will so long as we allow it to. The American people deserve far better, and I refuse to perpetuate the system that motivates these practices with my vote for either mainstream political party in November.

I’m done with the Democratic party and you should be, too.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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Dialogue & Discourse
Lauren Elizabeth

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at LaurenMartinchek@gmail.com or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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