Photo we showed you yesterday of Amash questioning former Trump attorney Michael Cohen (with a link to the session). Little did we know it, but we preemptively refuted one of the smears of Amash subsequently laid on by House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R) CA, who attempted to discredit Amash by saying among other things “I think he’s asked one question in all the committees that he’s been in.” We found many more committees in which he’s asked questions just by surfing C-SPAN, and he asks way more than one question to Cohen.

Is Republican Congressman Saying There’s Enough Evidence To Impeach Trump A Game-Changer?


Update: Amash fired back at Trump and Republicans Monday with a new set of Tweets that’s very worth looking at and very well lays out why the findings in the Mueller report are not as cut-and-dry as Attorney General Bill Barr would like the American public to think they are. And that got us to thinking:




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