The Left Has Been Underestimating Joe Biden.

He may not be the nominee, but he’s still doing much better than expected.

Lauren Martinchek
Dec 5, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo via Joe Biden on Instagram

Since he entered the democratic primary race back in April, I would certainly count myself among those on the left that were overly confident in the mindset that his surge would almost certainly fade. At this point there’s no denying that it has, but not nearly as quickly as I expected.

Joe Biden’s team seems to have acknowledged his slip, and are implementing an interesting strategy to try and get back on top. With a campaign slogan of “no malarkey!” and an eight day stretch spent exclusively in Iowa, his team seems to have conceded they won’t win the younger demographics, and are making a clear target for the older members of the Democratic Party and attempting to come back on top in the first voting state.

In all honesty, it could work.

Say what you will about a strategy that dismisses millennials and Gen Z, but the fact of the matter is older voters are the ones that can be the most relied upon to get out and vote, and always have been. For an establishment candidate with nothing to go on except name recognition, it’s admittedly a smart move to try and secure that demographic, and rally their support around your campaign if all else is failing. It probably won’t be enough this day in age, but they are doing everything they can to remain a top tier campaign and it will be interesting to see if it’s enough to give Joe’s run the boost that it desperately needs.

Biden may have sunk in Iowa and New Hampshire, but the fact remains that in South Carolina no one even comes close to his incredible lead. South Carolina may be all the reassurance his supporters need in the states that follow, and could once again instill the moral and confidence that’s been slipping in his campaign. The left cannot afford to get comfortable, or lose sight of the fact that he is still very much a factor in this race.

All that being said, I have to admit that I’m frankly shocked that he is still doing as well as he is. Throughout this campaign, it’s felt as though he hasn’t been able to keep his foot out of his mouth. His debate performances have been consistently abysmal, and he can’t get through them without flailing. Not only that, but he has no ability to engage with anyone who challenges him, telling an activist that they should just go and vote for Trump because they didn’t agree with his stances on immigration. Since the beginning, his attitude has been one of the entitlement that cost us the election in 2016.

I continue to hold on to the hope that once the voting process begins, the American people will pay more attention and see him for what he is. At this point, the race feels as though it will be between Bernie and Buttigieg. But there’s no denying anymore that Biden isn’t going to go down without a fight.

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