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The Need to Restore Empathy in Our Politics

Biden may not be liberals’ first choice, but he can bring back America’s desperately needed moral compass

Andrew Kliewer
Jun 8 · 5 min read
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Source:Marc Nozell

“Is this who we are?”

Throughout American history, we’ve had presidents with a wide variety of beliefs and values. Vigorous political debate is vital for a healthy democracy and should be encouraged. However, it is also a deeply American tradition for presidents to pull us together at times of crisis. When FDR, stated that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself,” in the midst of the Great Depression or when George W. Bush shouted through a bullhorn, “I can hear you!” to first responders on Ground Zero, they weren’t only speaking to Democrats or Republicans. They were speaking to the entire nation, showing Americans of all political leanings that they heard them and cared about their lives.

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