The Radicalism on the “Climate Crisis” Will Help Re-Elect President Trump

Gregory A
Gregory A
Sep 13 · 5 min read

The CNN climate town hall provided Trump all the campaign ads he needs and the Democratic party proved it’s not the party of “choice.”

The Democratic party’s climate extremism was on full display last week at a seven-hour town hall event. CNN is such a disaster right now that Fox News and MSNBC beat their ratings every hour. Where’s all the concern about the climate from the general public? If this was a real concern for your average American, wouldn’t they watch?

Their solutions sounded ridiculous, comical and far-fetched. They couldn’t go more left on the issue. There wasn’t any question that was too extreme from the audience.

They only want wind and solar power to be used. Nuclear and natural gas are off the table. All the coal plants need to be shut down. Fossil fuels must be eliminated at all costs. This is suicide for the economy and energy policy. Leftists say they’re for choice, not when it comes to energy. Our politicians know best for us and we better obey.

If this was a real concern for your average American, wouldn’t they watch?

Every candidate made ridiculous proposals. They want to coerce you into a certain way of living. You can’t use plastic straws, only paper. But what about all the trees cut down to produce them? There will be nothing left to hug.

Starbucks continued virtue signaling on social justice issues by pledging to ban plastic straws by 2020. This will do nothing for the environment. The new lids they will be utilizing use more plastic than the straws do right now.

According to

“ Right now, Starbucks patrons are topping most of their cold drinks with either 3.23 grams or 3.55 grams of plastic product, depending on whether they pair their lid with a small or large straw. The new nitro lids meanwhile weigh either 3.55 or 4.11 grams, depending again on lid size.”

This doesn’t seem like a practical solution. Everyone who is “woke” is on board with banning the straws. Intentions matter more than results.

Kamala Harris got asked if she would ban plastic straws. Her response was:

“I think we should, yes. I’m going to be honest. It is difficult on drink out of a paper straw. Like if you don’t gulp it down immediately, it starts to bends and then the little thing catches it. We have to kind of perfect that one a little bit more.”

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement to an alternative.

Bernie Sanders had his outlandish ideas as usual. He has a 16 trillion-dollar plan that will solve everything. We get 80% of our energy from conventional fuels. Eliminating that will cause prices to skyrocket and kill entire industries.

Those weren’t the only things that Senator Sanders wants to kill. A question about population control came up as part of the solution to the problem. Sanders was of course right on board.

He lamented the fact that the Mexico City agreement denies aid from the United States going to other countries to fund abortions. I wonder if he would allow those abortions he wants to be late-term or right after birth which is popular now in the Democratic party.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Andrew Yang, one of the few interesting candidates in the field, got right on board with the extremism. Wolf Blitzer asked Yang if he was in favor of banning gas propelled vehicles. Yang gave a coy and evasive answer saying we are “going to love” our electric cars. He proposed a government buyback of that kind of vehicle. I don’t remember buying my car from the government. So yes, he wants to take away your gas-powered vehicle. Again, is this the party of choice?

Cory Booker tried to reassure people that they wouldn’t be coming for our meat. He must not have been listening when Kamala Harris said they would. Oops.

Joe Biden got himself in some hot water when he got called out for attending a fundraiser the next day by Western LNG, a natural gas producing and transporting corporation.

One policy proposal that won’t go over well in Pennsylvania and the Midwest is not building new coal plants but shutting down the existing ones as well. Trump will make sure to use that clip during his campaign to keep those states.

Photo by Ludovic Toinel on Unsplash

On the Left, it’s blame America first for everything. This is especially true with climate change. The United States is responsible for 15% of CO2 emissions in the world. China almost doubles us at 28%. The rest of the world makes up about 21% of all emissions. These are developing countries. Their main concern is lifting their population out of poverty in the most effective ways possible. They can’t afford wind and solar technologies. The United States shouldn’t transform its entire economy for being responsible for a small percentage of emissions for a country our size.

The Democrats are almost only in favor of wind and solar technologies to replace fossil fuels. Nuclear isn’t an option. That would reduce emissions the fastest. Wind and solar aren’t as good for the environment than you think. Every form of energy has consequences for the environment. There’s no clean solution.

There’re environmental concerns getting the materials for solar panels. They require rare earth minerals. That leads to mining. Will the environmentalists find extracting those resources acceptable for solar power? My guess would be no.

Wind turbines require many of the same materials. China controls over 70% of rare earth minerals. This poses a huge problem for the Democrat plans for wind and solar. China has an abysmal environmental record with mining. This doesn’t seem like “clean” energy with all of the effects on the environment.

The land-use effects of wind and solar aren’t free of consequences either. Birds and other wildlife get killed every year from wind turbines. Wind and solar require large chunks of land which affects wildlife. How much land would it take to power the United States with only wind and solar? I’m looking forward to the fights between wildlife and environmental activists.

This isn’t a full summary of the climate insanity on display from the town hall. The Democratic party can’t get more extreme on this issue. They aren’t will to compromise on anything. President Trump won the town hall without being part of it. He should start using the extremism that was on display in ads tomorrow.

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Gregory A

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Gregory A

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News and ideas worth talking about. Fundamentally informative and intelligently analytical.

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