The Real Reason Trump Sent Three Thousand More Troops Overseas.

Why that number?

Lauren Elizabeth
Jan 9, 2020 · 3 min read
Photo via Donald Trump on Instagram

As many of us know, the conflict with Iran has been rapidly escalating. Most recently, following the assassination of their top General Qasem Soleimani, Iran retaliated by launching rockets at two U.S. bases in Iraq.

Of course, before their retaliation we had sent three thousand more troops to the region in what one might assume is preparation for more conflict to come.

But as we prepare for the devastating war that potentially lies ahead, we must begin to ask ourselves the question that so few people in the mainstream media have asked. Probably, I would assume, because they already know the answer.

Three thousand more troops. Three thousand more men and women being sent to a place where it has been made clear they are not welcome.

Three thousand is certainly not enough to invade, so we know that is not the intention. Then, what purpose does their presence serve in an area with so much heightened tension? Surely, no one would believe that having our boots on the ground in that region would lessen the hostilities?

The answer is as upsetting as it is obvious.

They’re not there to deter Iran from doing anything. They’re being sent there to goad Iran in to attacking them. An attack that results in death of U.S. troops is exactly what those looking for war with Iran want, as it would make it far easier for them to make their case that invasion or proxy war is necessary.

Those three thousand men and women aren’t being sent to serve their country. These troops are being sent to be sitting ducks so that the oil industry and military industrial complex will get the war they’ve long awaited, once something almost inevitably happens that leads to the harm of our service members.

Any Republican legislator or pundit on the national stage who claims to support President Trump while also supporting our troops should immediately be questioned about how they can possibly do both at the same time. Any Republican legislator or pundit should immediately be asked what purpose does it serve to send three thousand more troops to the region. We are on the verge of chaos, and it is the responsibility of every journalist to do their job to prevent the unnecessary evil that is so close to taking place.

While it might be infuriating to think of our troops being sent to the Middle East to be nothing more than sitting ducks, we should be equally infuriated at the thought of the sure to be countless civilian innocents who will have their families ripped apart, their homes destroyed, and lose their lives all because the Trump administration committed a war crime to goad a sovereign nation in to conflict. It is more important than ever to put the necessary pressure on our elected representatives to do everything that they possibly can to prevent Trump from taking further action without the approval of Congress.

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