Will Liberals Allow Biden to be Pushed to the Left?

I won’t tell you not to vote for him. But please, just be aware of the reality.

Lauren Elizabeth
Aug 8, 2020 · 4 min read
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As I have said before on numerous occasions, I am not here to try and tell anyone not to vote for Joe Biden. I can genuinely sympathize — from the bottom of my heart — with the desire to get Donald Trump out of office, and the increasing sense of desperation to do so as things continue to spiral out of control under his leadership. My intention in pointing out the ever-growing list of flaws in Joe Biden is not coming from a place of ulterior motives as many liberals continue to suggest, but in the deep-rooted belief that we must — regardless of who will be in power — not lose our sense of rage, or shut our eyes to the broader ugly realities of the American empire that have been laid bare throughout this entire pandemic and frankly even before it started. At the end of the day, the only way we will generate the necessary meaningful change in this country is if we remain realistic about what lies ahead, with or without Donald Trump in office. Again, my problem does not lie with those who will be voting for Joe Biden because that is what their conscience tells them to do. My problem is with those who continue to attempt to blatantly gaslight me, and others on the left, in to believing that the presumptive Democratic nominee is something that he absolutely is not.

Many well-intentioned people have argued that this upcoming election is ultimately making a decision about who we would rather fight: Donald Trump, or Joe Biden. That is an incredibly fair point to make, and a devastating reality for many leftists in particular to have to face. Liberals however, seem to insist rather simplistically that we should sit tight and just vote for Joe Biden, and “push him to the left” later. Unfortunately, in response I would have to argue that oftentimes, they — and the politicians they continue to vote for regardless of their record — are a large part of the underlying reason why it will be so incredibly difficult to actually do so.

They tell us to push to the left, but fight back without fail every single time, every single election cycle, when we try to do so.

Here we are in 2020, with our viable options being Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Any honest, legitimate critiques of Joe Biden are immediately met with responses such as: “do you want Donald Trump to win?”, “ok, so you’re voting for Trump then,” or my personal favorite “you’re a Russian agent”. A year and a half down the line, if and/or when Biden is elected, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that we’ll hear: “why are you criticizing democrats? Look at the alternative! We have to keep the House and take the Senate! Vote blue now, and wait until later.” A year and a half beyond that, with the next Presidential election approaching, we’ll once again inevitably hear: “Do you really want Tom Cotton or Tucker Carlson in office? Can’t you see how dangerous they are? Stop it! Pete Buttigieg or (heaven forbid) Jeff Bezos are what we have to chose from right now, so pick one or just admit you want the GOP to win.”

To all those insisting that we should just push Biden and the democratic party to the left, my question would be: when? At what point will liberals deem it acceptable to actually fight back against the ugliness, and the rot that undeniably continues to plague the democratic party? When will they decide that we are allowed to challenge the powers that be, and fight for legitimate representation that’s actually looking out for our best interests? Politicians, pundits, and liberal voters alike don’t want pushback on television, independent media outlets, social media, or primary challenges during the elections, so what exactly would they like us to do? How are we expected to push to the left when they tolerate no space by which to do so? What if Biden just says “no”?

The point is, there will always be a danger. There will always be a boogeyman. Under the oligarchic, corrupt regime that’s been so carefully and meticulously crafted over the course of the past fifty years there will always be dark, nefarious forces operating among BOTH political parties with every intention of suppressing what’s in the best interest of the masses. There will always be attempts to scare us in to submission, and I am not going to buy in to it. The only way change will be created is if we remain angry. The only way Joe Biden will truly be pushed to the left is if he has reason to believe that the anger and frustration with the current system is so great that it outweighs the will of the donors who have bought him in his efforts to gain and stay in power. I want the anger that’s so prevalent right now to remain long after November 3rd, and what looks as though it might be the inauguration of Joe Biden in January of 2021, because that’s the only way this nation will be salvaged.

So yes, in an effort to actually push him to the left, I and many others will continue to address the faults of both his campaign and his past legislative record, because frankly for those who wish we wouldn’t, — whether they want to admit it or not — there’s never, ever going to be an acceptable time to do so.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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Dialogue & Discourse
Lauren Elizabeth

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at LaurenMartinchek@gmail.com or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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