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Will Voters Reject Corruption, Bigotry, and Scandal?

Corporate funding of campaigns has created an entitled political class that continues to seek office even after getting caught red-handed.

4 min readFeb 29, 2024


The American public should simply accept no distractions. In our democracy, it is our duty to hold our elected leaders accountable. We do it at the ballot box.

– Wesley Clark

In the final weeks of the campaign that will determine control of the LAUSD School Board, two Board districts have been rocked by revelations that threaten to upend the races. Graciela Ortiz, the candidate supported by the Charter School Industry in BD5, was served with a lawsuit alleging that she did not take the steps necessary to protect a minor from a violent sexual assault. This was on top of allegations of improper campaign contributions mirroring those that led to the felony conviction of former LAUSD Board Member Ref Rodriguez. In BD1, Kahllid Al-Alim’s campaign was derailed by the spotlighting of a Tweet supporting a book that is “widely criticized for being antisemitic.

In both cases, it is surprising that the candidates pursued a run for office knowing their closets were fully stocked with skeletons. LAUSD elections are big money affairs and even in a race like the one in BD7, where the challenger has only raised $3,484.00, the Charter School Industry has spent over $1 million to support the incumbent. Ortiz and Al-Alim should have known their secrets would not be safe in this type of environment.

Kevin de León, John Lee, and Wendy Carrillo (From their respective websites)

The situation is even worse in the races for City Council seats where numerous candidates filed to have their names appear on the March 5th ballot after getting caught in the act, the most notorious being Kevin de León. The CD14 incumbent’s political career should have been dead in…



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