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We appreciate any interest in contributing to our publication. Please complete the brief form below.

Our publication is interested in curating well-reasoned pieces that employ formal rhetoric and span the topics of politics, economy, science, technology, and others visible on our pages. We are more inclined to accept submissions that are empirically centered, comprised of thoughtful analysis rather than personal assertions.

Please take a moment to observe the characteristics of the pieces featured on our homepage. Though we certainly encourage unique perspectives and original content, our publication has many standards that must be upheld in order for a submission to be published. New contributors are encouraged to read through Medium’s Curation Guidelines if they have not already, as they strongly emulate our submission guidelines as well.

We will respond to accepted submissions within 1–5 business days via a private note. If accepted, your profile will be added as a writer and further instructions will be provided. Private notes will not be left on further submissions, with the exceptions of a few select pieces or drafts.

Accepted submissions will be distributed to our topic pages by their tags. The following tags will enable your pieces to appear on its respective topic page: [News, America], [News, World], [Politics], [Economy, Economics, Finance], [History], [Energy, Climate Change, Environment], [Science, Technology].

Dialogue & Discourse will never perform edits on submissions. Any requested adjustments will be communicated explicitly and the contributor will decide whether to include the adjustments.

A few logistics and guidelines that will be helpful to those who have not previously worked with publications or are perhaps new to Medium altogether.

Our Story

Dialogue & Discourse seeks to provide readers with a means for developing informed opinions regarding issues of significance, aiding in the creation of a dialogue between opponents of thought at a time where our society suffers from intense tribalism and partisanship.

Our rigorous standards enable us to maintain a remarkably high and consistent level of quality. We have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity of working with some truly incredible individuals, including acclaimed professors, award-winning journalists and world-class scientists.

Our content is carefully curated with the consideration of maintaining a balanced amount of coverage that accounts for all perspectives, specifically on articles regarding political or controversial topics. We are not affiliated or in support of a particular political or social organization.

We are an international publication, comprised of contributors from every continent and spanning across many of the world’s major cities. This includes the following countries of China, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sudan, United Arabs Emirates, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Russia, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Contact & Business

All inquiries or suggestions can be sent to

At present, we are interested in pursuing a variety of business-related endeavors. Please reach out to us at the above address for more information. Expect a response between 1–4 business days.

Feel free to send a message or tweet to us on Twitter.

We are no longer active on SMedian. Contribution requests and messages on SMedian will not be considered.

If there is a brief issue or question that you would like to have addressed, it is fine to leave a private note or response on this piece as well.

Dialogue & Discourse

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