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How Online Social Media Activism fails at created lasting movements and motivating people to take action in the real world.

As of late, social media has been inundated with a myriad of different social and political movements, springing up and capturing massive amounts of attention as they are reposted and liked by millions of people. This has been by and large a positive change. Whereas otherwise many young people would seldom hear much about more local movements, now pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and Belarus, Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, and the cultural genocide in Xinjiang have reached a global audience. More than ever, youth are engaged in international movements, as instead of having to read dry…

Image by sippakorn yamkasikorn from Pixabay

Over the last 5 years in politics, decades have happened. Politics — both global and national — has moved at break-neck speed. Populism rose from the ruins of the financial crisis, and was blunted by the cruel, complex reality of a pandemic.

In such a rapidly-changing political climate, the pace of change in the atmospheric climate was forgotten — and, at times, denied. But just as politics underwent a rapid evolution, so too did the state of the natural world. What before was known merely as climate change, is now a climate emergency.

We offered respite to our planet last…

Cuban demonstrators in Miami, July 11th, 2021. Courtesy: Luis F. Rojas/Wikimedia Commons.

Thirty years ago, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Cuba to demand democratization after the fall of the Soviet Union. The so-called Maleconazo was swiftly crushed by Cuban authorities.

Today, a new wave of protests grips the nation— only this time, the demonstrators have the Internet at their disposal.

As with Iran’s Green Revolution (2009) and the Arab Spring (2011), the Internet has become a vital tool for Cubans to express their dissent and organize resistance after decades of repression.

The crisis began as early as July 11th as demonstrators in the town of San Antonio de los…

Piezoelectricity is a phenomenon in which mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.

First discovered by Pierre Curie, the husband of Marie Curie, and his older brother Jacques in 1880, piezoelectricity works by taking an electrically neutral substance such as particular crystals, ceramics, and even biological materials and applying enough pressure to create an imbalance of positively and negatively charged atoms on opposite sides. Under normal conditions, the arrangement of the atoms balances out the electric charge, but under pressure, an electric field can be created because the neutral arrangement has been disfigured, leaving a higher concentration of positively charged atoms on one side and negatively charged atoms on the other.

The American involvement in Afghanistan involved close to 800,000 troops at its height. Now, as the final remaining soldiers trickle back stateside, a new threat is emerging — replenishing an all-volunteer military with fresh recruits.

The U.S. counts 1.3 million citizens as active duty service members. The military estimates its annual intake, to overcome attrition and retirement, at 150,000. The military needs to hit this number every year to meet its overall ‘end strength’ goal. A historically weak job market in 2020 enabled all five branches — the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guards to hit their annual…

Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

Cuba’s vaccine candidate has cleared the third stage of the trial; Soberana is the world’s first vaccine candidate for Covid-19, a conjugate vaccine. Cuba is presently at the finalization of two vaccines, Soberana, the conjugate vaccine, and another vaccine, Abdala. The efficacy of both is more than 90%, which is very impressive, not reach by even Pfizer or Moderna in the first dose.

Let us first go through the common types of vaccines before discussing specifically why Cuba has taken the developing conjugates vaccine for Covid-19.

Types of Vaccines

№1: Live attenuated vaccine

The purpose of a vaccine is to elicit an immune response before the pathogen…


Asaldin, whose son Dilawar died in U.S military custody at Bagram Airbase in December 2002. Asaldin told his family not to seek revenge against the Americans, “I am angry with them, but this was the will of God,” he said. “God is great, and God will punish them.” At his home in Yakubi, Khost province, May 2005. Picture Credit: Keith Bedford.

The temptation to disengage from Afghanistan has always existed. However, it gave way to realism as the threat of terrorism could put any American president’s fate in jeopardy. Finally, the United States has dealt with its fears or been pushed to do so, given the emergence of more prominent threats.

The U.S military withdraws from the Bagram military base, the nucleus of American operations in Afghanistan for almost 20 years. The exit is expected to complete in September 2021, before the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The stepping down of General Scott Miller, the leading commander of the US security forces…

A major FBI report on crime will be released in September. Are progressives- and the media- ready to face it?

San Francisco has the same beautiful weather it has always enjoyed, the same breathtaking coastline; the same ruthlessly high cost of living. The sun is still shining; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is still in charge.

In San Francisco nothing has changed; and everything has changed.

What has changed isn’t the weather, it isn’t earthquakes, or gentrification, or skyrocketing taxes, or even California’s brewing energy crisis- but it is threatening tourism and forcing 40% of San Franciscans to consider moving.

By Tarini Srivastava

Photo: Getty Images (via Vox)


During the First Opium War in 1839, China ceded Hong Kong to the British. Under the Second Convention of Peking in 1898, China extended Britain’s “lease” on the island by 99 years. Therefore, Hong Kong remained under colonial occupation from 1841 until 1997. After 150 years of British occupation, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. In the Sino-British Joint Declaration which outlined the return, China’s Premier Zhao Ziyang agreed that Hong Kong’s legal and judicial systems would remain unchanged and it would retain a high degree of autonomy for another 50 years. …

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

In big and diverse countries, it is important that smaller units adapt their laws to the local peculiarities and specifics of the economic and public health situation. However, the problem stemming from the centralization of decision-making power is not limited to the inability of bureaucrats in a distant capital to understand the peculiarities of a local situation. It is that civil servants in centralized states deal with abstract and theoretical numbers rather than interact with real people; they are detached from reality.

Individuals, communities, and state governments make better decisions than bureaucrats in a distant capital thanks to local sensitivity.

Dialogue & Discourse

News and ideas worthy of discourse.

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