Your UCAS Personal Statement: How to Tackle Land Economy

Image credit: Jeremy Mikkola

So you’ve just sat down with a fresh cup of tea and a blank page, with every intention of starting your UCAS personal statement, when you realise — your one UCAS personal statement needs to work for every university you’re applying to.

Normally, this isn’t a problem. But as someone applying to Land Economy at Cambridge, you may be applying to subjects like Geography, Economics, or Law at other universities.

Don’t worry, we know.

Because Land Economy is unique to Cambridge, we understand that our applicants are applying for other related subjects at their other uni choices. Rest assured that we are happy for you to write about related interests, and we understand why you won’t be writing about your specific interest in the Land Economy programme.

You will have a second chance to tell us all the Land Economy-specific information that you want through your SAQ. The SAQ Personal Statement, which is entirely optional, can be particularly useful for Land Economy applicants, as it will give you a place to tell us more Cambridge and Land Economy-specific information.

If you’re looking for more guidance on what to include in your personal statement, check out the University’s website or these suggestions from UCAS.