Is Superman the Villain in Justice League?

It’s doubtful DC would repeat a major conflict so soon after BvS

Via The Verge:

Therefore, Superman’s death and complete absence from anything we’ve seen in Justice League have to be taken as specific, intentional choices by Snyder to serve some narrative purpose. That leaves me with the conclusion that we haven’t seen Superman yet because he’s a villain. Shocker!
This isn’t anything new, of course. The DC Extended Universe movies have been telling us that Superman is destined for a heel turn for basically the entirety of their existence. Man of Steel posits that Superman is capable of visiting untold destruction upon humanity. Batman v Superman’s central conflict is about whether or not that’s true, and what should be done about it. A Justice League where Superman finally does go bad would serve as a fitting cap to that arc. And it’d be downright poetic for Batman, who, after having spent an entire movie trying to murder Superman before he goes rogue, would now be forced to save him from being the very thing he always feared.

I’m not buying into this theory at all. I don’t think DC is stupid enough to follow up a movie about Superman and Batman duking it out with one where Superman dukes it out with Batman AND a group of super-people. It just doesn’t make sense. We’ve gotten enough of that and I think fans are sick of it. He’s the reason they’re building the league, why would he then be the first threat the group has to face?

My theory? He’s “dead” until the final act of the movie and makes a triumphant return to take down whatever big bad the team is facing down which, looking at the IMDB cast listing for the movie, should be Ciarán Hinds’ Steppenwolf, first hinted at in the extra footage for Batman v Superman. My assumption is that Superman is being kept out of trailers because he looks radically different and likely isn’t in the movie very much.

I think The Verge’s theory digs a little too far to find logic in a universe that thus far has lacked it. Warner Bros needs to play this movie pretty safe given how much is riding on it. In my opinion, weird swerves with Superman is the last thing audiences want right now.