Marvel Re-releasing Vision Series

Double-sized, combined previously released issues with bonus material arriving in June

Vision, art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Via Bleeding Cool:

So Marvel is to republish the 12 issue The Vision series in a new format. Vision: Director’s Cuts, the first of which will be published in June, will collect two issues of the series in each of the six issues, plus bonus material.

It’s stuff like this that just confuses me. Marvel should be busy packing this series into a gigantic collected edition and pushing it hard to readers and shops. Repackaging the issues and including extra content to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of people just seems hostile to readers and money-grabbing.

If you haven’t read Vision, you should. It’s one of the best Marvel books in a long time. Just save your money and wait for the deluxe hardcover, which will undoubtedly arrive sometime this year.

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