Are the traditional typing test software’s giving exposure to learn real typing?

Many of us face problem in typing, when we compose a document in computer. We fail to complete a given task in time, because of not being familiar with typing. When people think to learn typing , they use to go for online Typing test and attend typing courses. Typing test solutions like TypeRacer, TypePad, etc are some of the web based typing practice people try at the start.

Those solutions are a kind of online typewriter, which is framed like you could understand keyboarding easily and also operate multiple key combination to make a word, and all the other stuffs. But, the real scene starts only after few days. You tried the software for some time and started getting bored. You will lose the momentum and then leave it half way, closing our typing practice. You can’t come back with what you have learnt in the short duration where you showed some interest. This is a stage where you would be realizing that, the online typing test software’s are of no use.

So, how to learn to type without looking at the keyboard and without taking the typing test? Here is a WORKING MODEL, that makes you learn typing ORGANICALLY.

Please go further to know about how to learn typing faster, without taking typing test or even without following any formal set of typing lessons or typing courses.

If you want to learn typing, you should put continuous effort. Starting the practice with fire and then dropping in 3 to 4 days or in a week is a not a good approach for learning.

Time based typing speed test and Accuracy

While you start to learn typing, don’t start it as a typing test course or try with any free typing games online. Rather, start them as a passion. As mentioned earlier, don’t try with any of the free typing games online or involve purchasing a typing test tool. I’m mentioning it because, all of those letter-by-letter typing process will teach you typing a letter and not help you compose a full-fledged document your own.

So, what is the RESULT GIVING STRATEGY I need to follow to fast learn typing?

The solution is very simple.

Start with a daily DIARY WRITING, which is how I learnt typing in just 60 days. Don’t look it cheap, or something that you won’t be interesting. Try writing diary through some software or write it online. I know people having the practice of writing diaries spends at least 10 to 15 minutes by doing it daily. Why can’t you try incorporating those daily diary writing habit digitally? This will make you to learn typing side-by-side and even makes you type faster, if you know typing. I tried this method after I dropped all those typing games and typing test software’s I found online. It has given me POSITIVE RESULTS and still giving.

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