Uncovering The Hidden Truth About Breakups

How ethical non-monogamy and the end of my marriage taught me the truth behind the pain

Against a plain pink background, two wooden figures stand either side of the picture. In the middle lies a wooden heart. Each of the figures had a hole where one half of the heart would fit, it they were stood closer together.
Andrii Yalanskyi | iStockphoto.com

Breaking up! The greatest fear in any relationship. The end of it all. The ultimate decision. The bell hung around our neck that declares to the world that we have failed at love.




Helping you take those first steps on to the journey to understanding ethical non-monogamy.

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Thomas H. Brand

Thomas H. Brand

Blogging about polyamory, ethical-non-monogamy, and modern relationships | (He/Him) | DiscoveringPolyamory.com | thomashbrand.com | ko-fi.com/thomashbrand

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