Only A Two Week Delay

Sometimes it’s a waiting game…

Well, it was 5 o’clock somewhere….

It’s been a nail biting couple of weeks for DD2, waiting to see if the funds would finally get transferred for the site in Devon that they exchanged on last month.

The second cohort in our inaugural intake of students for a unique development programme in the UK.

Each student becomes a stake holder in a live project, that they are complete together under the guidance of an experienced developer.

Learning. Doing. Earning.

Things were looking tense at times; with the vendor having no choice but to serve notice due to the delay. All hands on deck!

At least behind the scenes, to pull it all together.

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s nothing you can do but wait.

A valuable lesson for our students (and us) that even if you’ve got all your ducks in a row there are still a number of variables outside of your control.

In that situation you’ve got two choices.

  1. Let it stress you out and suffer the health consequences
  2. Stay calm and wait to see where the chips lie

The all clear came in early today at our monthly meeting. So there was only one thing to be done.

Head to the bar and celebrate, before getting straight back to work.

Tradition dictated a slight change to location.

Remember to celebrate the small victories and the large. Or life will pass you by and you could have achieved a whole lot without appreciating any of it.

Everyone was back to work 45 minutes later.

Always keep your eye on the prize.

This is just a milestone, albeit an important one, on our students’ path to becoming bonafide property developers.