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Discussing Network began when two co-hosts of Doctor Who: Podshock teamed with a co-host from the Techpedition to create a brand new show, Discussing Who. Since our launch in March 2016, we have produced more shows bridging the worlds of Star Trek, Comics, Technology, and Doctor Who.

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Once again, thank you to our Patreon subscribers! By chipping in as little as one dollar a month, you help keep Discussing Network going. The only reason we are able to produce podcasts and make videos is because of you. We want to sincerely thank you for being along for this amazing journey — not only as fans of the franchises we love but also as friends and supporters of our work! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A huge shoutout goes to our Patreon Bill for sending us a copy of his fantastic Doctor Who art. Bill, this is awesome! This really made our week.

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“A few years back I created a Christmas present for a young couple whose YouTube videos I followed. They are perched on top of the Pandorica, with their cat, Jack, and their other dog, Oscar, a dachshund. Nora, the youngest, loves to pull Mike on his skateboard, so I call this Exercising Nora.” — Bill

The Impact of 2020 on Doctor Who Series 13 Production

Waiting to be whisked away from our worries by the whimsical world of Doctor Who.

We back! Kid.

There is no question that twenty-twenty has been a trying year for the world as a whole. In the wake of the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named, all sorts of productions have been delayed, shifted to different mediums, or even canceled outright. In cases where production has continued, the landscape in which these stories have been told has been a very different one. Whether it be the extra precaution around how scenes are shot, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), or how post-production is implemented, twenty-twenty has definitely shaken up the industry. [Read More]

The Playlist

The playlist is all about highlighting the media we are looking forward to in the current and upcoming months.

This is the way!

Clarence’s Pick · The Mandalorian · Watch Now

Clarence is glad that Baby Yoda fever is back and in full force. Mandalorian season three has dropped on Disney plus and is hitting on all cylinders. While he doesn’t have any hardcore predictions about season two, like Baby Yoda, Clarence is tagging along for the adventure.

Kyle’s Pick · Elementary · Watch Now

Kyle tickles his Sherlock Holmes bones by binging the show Elementary! Our resident Sherlockian, Lee Shackleford, says this show is laced with many easter eggs that fans of the canon would find endlessly delightful.

Lee’s Pick · Timeless · Watch Now

Timeless is awesome! Lee iterates that it’s both smart and thrilling. And as the title implies, it’s all about time travel. Timeless pushes all of Lee’s buttons, and if he were to write a time-travel show, this would be it!

What are you looking forward to this month and beyond?

Show Recaps

Discussing Who · Subscribe

Doctor Who Series Six, or the 2011 series, highlights the very best of the wibbly-wobbly greatness we’ve come to expect from the show. Over the last month, Discussing Who reviewed the epic two-part introduction that sees the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River in the US facing the Impossible Astronaut and the Silence before recording upcoming episodes reviewing The Doctor’s Wife and another episode featuring returning guest Ashford Wright of Straight Outta Gallifrey. Over the coming month, we will be reviewing what Kyle describes as his “most favorite review yet” in A Good Man Goes to War.

Discussing Trek · Subscribe

Discussing Trek has been in full force, coming fresh off of a full season of Star Trek: Lower Decks, and directly into Star Trek: Discovery season three. Needless to say, Discussing Trek and its crew have been very busy. While on the whole, we didn’t love Lower Decks, the new animated show following a second contact ship in the Star Trek universe, we did find that it had its bright spots! If nothing else, it made us long for Discovery even more, as CBS All-Access moved directly into the show's third season. Verdict on Discovery season three a few episodes into the season? So far so great!

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Yes, we totally stole the TARDIS!

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We podcast because we know there are people out there who love the things we love. Discussing Network is not only our outlet to discuss the media we love, but to interact with others who love it just the same. We don’t take the words ‘we want to hear from you’ lightly. We mean it. The call to action has been extended. Please send us any feedback you may have about anything we talk about. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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