Yosemite Falls

This time we hiked from the bottom of the valley to the very top of Yosemite Falls, the Yosemite Point.

Here you can see the entire trail from the very bottom to the very top

As stated on NPS website (also used to have a hilarious warning about heights):

Yosemite Falls Trail leads to the top of North America’s tallest waterfall, which rises 2,425 feet (739 m) above the Valley floor.
Don’t bring along any friends whose medication has led them to believe they can fly.

The hike starts at the bottom of the valley and takes ridiculous amount of twists and turns and switchbacks on the way up.

Half-way to Upper Yosemite fall

Final section of is even steeper than the one that ends at Lower Fall.

Top of the fall was still covered with snow although it was middle of April…

All trails were covered with water, streams were everywhere, this winter was quite snowy so when temperatures went up all that snow began to actively melt. Good for us, waterfalls were very strong at that moment.

The views from the top are super-rewarding. Perfect spot to restore your breath and relax before taking a way down.

At the top of Yosemite Point, you can see the Half Dome behind me
Views at the top are amazing, that’s a generous reward for all the hard time :)

Overall the hike is quite strenuous, majority of it you basically just climb various kinds of flatter and steeper steps, some small parts of the trail are relatively flat though.

It’s quite visible that way down took way less time than way up ;)

Some more views of the valley from next day: