2020 Vision: SRI’s next decade

A look ahead from Silicon Valley’s birthplace of innovation.

Charles Costa
Dec 11, 2019 · 4 min read

It couldn’t be a more exciting time to step into a new decade. AI enables cars to read your emotional state, doctors can now deliver medicine to specific cells without affecting surrounding areas, and computer vision is enabling soldiers to have clear vision even in treacherous environments.

Indeed! Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Things that used to be impossible are now a reality. Here’s what SRI’s innovation labs look to be working on next year.

1. Seeing through the fog of war

Combat environments are treacherous and unforgiving for even the most seasoned soldiers. Advances in computer vision technology are enabling soldiers to use imaging systems that autonomously adapt to scene conditions — enabling them to gain a clear picture into the battlefield.

The U.S. Army Integrated Visual Augmentation System, supported by SRI is an example of computer vision technology in practice.

One of the biggest concerns in the defense and space industries is collecting mission critical information at the right time, and then delivering it to the right decision makers even when operating in challenged environments. Military professionals need smarter, more capable, and connected systems to pinpoint their adversaries before they know they’ve been identified.

Steve Perna, president of SRI’s Integrated Systems and Solutions (InSys) division

2. Living a data-driven life

Wearable technologies used to be a novelty, but compact sensors are enabling doctors and device manufacturers to help anyone live longer.

Health monitoring that leverages newly widespread sensors is going to have a significant impact on society. People should keep an eye on the behaviors they enable. For example, we are seeing more and more microphones (e.g. Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Home), and more people talking to them. We can leverage that speech input to monitor health. Same is true of cameras and other sensors.

William Mark, president of SRI’s Information and Computing Services (ICS) division

Solutions such as SenSay Analytics™, a product of SRI, are enabling developers to create applications that understand human emotions. The platform has been used to develop a speech recognition capable of helping medical professionals diagnose PTSD.

Since technologies developed for one industry often find their ways into other sectors, you can expect to see emotional AI technology in more electronics over the coming months.

3. AI enters the medical lab

New applications of bioinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to medicine are enabling researchers to develop groundbreaking treatments. I would say that precision treatment delivery — done at the molecular level — is going to be one of the most important advances in medicine. SRI’s relevant research areas include exciting new methods to deliver therapies inside of living cells, the exploration of wholly synthetic molecular spaces, and AI-based synthetic chemistry platforms to vastly accelerate chemical discovery and process optimization.

Greg Kovacs, chief technology officer of SRI and former president of SRI Biosciences.

Three solutions from SRI that are fueling such innovation include the FOX Three Molecular Guidance System (MGS)™, Techneins™ and SynFini™.

The Fox Three MGS™ molecules enable precision delivery of therapies inside of problematic cells, including delivery of large molecules that previously could not be “pulled inside” to do their jobs.

Techneins™ are a new class of artificial molecules that are discovered using highly automated methods to carry out specific medicinal or diagnostic functions. They have demonstrated groundbreaking stability and are — by design — manufacturable in bulk if desired.

SynFini™ is an end-to-end platform for optimizing chemical synthesis, driven by AI and leveraging a vast database of chemical reactions. Finding faster, more efficient or greener methods to manufacture pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals is entering a new era, with computation driving experiments on a scale impossible for humans to carry out.

Making sense of it all

No better time than the eve of a new decade to outline how today’s dreams become tomorrow’s realities. It’s what we at SRI call 2020 Vision.

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The Dish

The Dish

For people who want to make the world a safer, healthier and more productive place through innovation. Created and curated by the team at SRI International.

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