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Mike Toth
Mike Toth
Feb 7 · 5 min read

Recognizing the SRI teams that strive to keep people safer, healthier and more productive

Each year, SRI International continues to develop numerous innovative technologies, that make people safer, healthier and more productive. The achievement awards presented at the close of the year recognize the movers and shakers behind these innovations.

Trophies at SRI’s annual Achievement Awards

This year’s award program took place on December 5, 2019 at the SRI Menlo Park Campus. Here is a round-up of the winners.

Award # 1: Change the World

Provided to the researcher or team that develops a technical project that enables a safer or more productive world.

Peter Neumann, Brooks Davis, Prashanth Mundkur

Developing new technology goes hand in hand with planning for a positive impact on society. This year’s award went to Clean Slate Trustworthy Secure Research (CSTSR) — a decades long collaboration between SRI and the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to solve security problems that were previously unsolvable such as developing resilient computer security platforms.

Award # 2: Living our Mission and Values

Awarded to the individual(s) that show a commitment to SRI missions, values, behavioral competencies and collaboration

At SRI, we’ve found that collaboration, diversity, agility, determination and integrity also are essential qualities. The Living our Mission and Values award is given to SRI managers/leaders and individuals that show a commitment to the SRI missions, values, behavioral competencies, and collaboration. This year’s winners include:

Michelle Rodrigues, Executive Director, Federal Partnerships
Adolf Pfefferbaum, Senior Program Director, Neuroscience, SRI Center for Health Sciences
Michael Isnardi, Senior Principal Research Scientist, SRI Center for Vision Technologies

Award # 3: World Class Operations

Recognizing an individual or team that are producing solutions to help improve SRI operations

Kori Hamilton Biagas, Ana de Luna, Sr., Beverly Brooks

Although SRI is known for its research, behind the scenes, we’re always looking for ways to improve our overall employee experience. This year, the award went to three SRI employees who have helped to promote equality and diversity within the institute.

Award #4: Preventing Equipment Obsolescence

Recognizing the work of the professionals who are extending the lifespans of mission critical equipment

SRI’s Microcircuit Emulation Center team members, in Princeton, NJ

The SRI Microcircuit Emulation Center (MEC) was recognized by BAE Systems and Raytheon for their 100% on-time performance and delivery and providing 160,000 parts for over 450 ID numbers to be used in 575 individual weapons systems in the U.S. military inventory.

For 30+ years, the center’s 72 team members, based in Princeton, NJ, have provided complete electronic parts for military systems that must last decades.

Award #5: One SRI Collaboration

Recognizing a team that breaks through silos, to leverage talent across the organization

The CamSLAM™ team at SRI’s Menlo Park headquarters

Collaboration is a core element of successful industry application. CamSLAM™ — a world leading localization and mapping solution used across government and commercial ventures has shown exemplary performance in this area. Originally developed for the United States Naval Research Laboratory, CamSLAM has become the program of record for the U.S. Marine Corps and is also used by the U.S. Army.

The CamSLAM team includes: Taragay Oskiper, Mikhail Sizintsev, Zhiwei Zhu, Jonathan Brookshire, Han-Pang Chiu, Kevin Kaighn, Joe Madden, Joe Zhang, Indu Kandaswamy, Supun Samarasekera, Rakesh Kumar, Iris Jiang, Zachary Weiler, Masafumi Yabe, Csaba Szabo, Alison Polkinhorne, Aveek Das, Roland Heusser, Alexandra Ohlson.

Award #5: Community Service Recognition

Given to an SRI employee that has extensively contributed to their community

Mary Smith, an HR representative was recognized for a decade of volunteering at El Camino Hospital.

Award #6: SRI Fellowship Recipients for 2019

The highest award provided to SRI employees to recognize their technical achievement

Two SRI researchers were awarded fellowships, to recognize their contributions to the institute over XYZ years.

Thomas Low has been with SRI since 1984. Over the past three decades he has helped bring numerous technologies to market. A notable example being a telepresence surgery system development in the 1980’s, to help the U.S. military offer surgical procedures to soldiers who are in combat. In 1995, this technology was spun-out to become Intuitive Surgical.

Fiona Baker has been the senior program director of the Human Sleep Research Program in SRI’s Center for Health Sciences since 2014. Over the past few years, Baker has expanded SRI’s technical portfolio from several National Institute of Health (NIH) divisions and commercial areas. She is a world-renowned expert in women’s sleep health and is able to balance NIH research alongside commercial projects, which is a challenge for many professionals.

Award #7: Douglas Engelbart Distinguished Fellow

Recognizing visionaries outside of SRI that are doing groundbreaking work

Genevieve Bell

The Douglas Engelbart Distinguished Fellowship honors the accomplishments of Doug Engelbart, by recognizing visionaries outside of SRI that are developing technologies or innovations to make the world a better place. This two-year fellowship brings a visiting scientist to SRI to collaborate with SRI researchers.

The Dish

For people who want to make the world a safer, healthier and more productive place through innovation. Created and curated by the team at SRI International.

Mike Toth

Written by

Mike Toth

The Dish

The Dish

For people who want to make the world a safer, healthier and more productive place through innovation. Created and curated by the team at SRI International.

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