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How to get out of a contract you didn’t sign

Greetings from the Couch
Sep 3 · 2 min read

Wait! Before you start…

Go back and Read Part One!

Where are things now?

The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) version is this:

  • Adobe support offered 2 months free on the account;
  • Fee-Free Cancellation was only available AFTER one last fee which would be paid in November;
  • The 2 months free offer was time-limited (i.e., Only Available Right Then);
  • I refused the offer and said I’d consult with someone (i.e., ACCC);
  • At which point they were very apologetic and could now cancel the account on the spot. And I have the email to prove it.
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That was a lot of work

This took most of an hour on the support chat to resolve, and they REALLY DON’T WANT the issue publicised via the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC).

So it’s a win?

It’s a qualified win. Given I’ve spent 2 hours researching and writing the prior blog post AND discussing the issue with Adobe support.

Using my low-end hourly rate of $40AUD an hour, I could have just paid the fee and financially ended up exactly where I am now.

But you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. This was an egregious and potentially illegal fee under Australian law.

But what about other users?

Here’s my conundrum.

Adobe’s signup does appear to breach Australian Consumer Law. And for those in other countries, it’s certainly deceptive to hide a cancellation fee until you actually want to cancel.

However, ACCC will only get involved if the other side refuses to play ball.

I’d like to hold Adobe’s feet to the fire and get them to change this deceptive conduct, but am unsure how.

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