The Podcast Academy Hall of Fame Ceremony

The first event at the Podcast Movement conference was the 1st Academy of Podcasters Awards ceremony, an event dedicated honoring the podcasters and creators who have changed the industry in its 10 year history. The event was hosted by Colt Cabana, ex-pro wrestler and the host of “The Art of Wrestling”.

The presenters included a variety of creators and local celebrities, including Roman Mars of 99% Invisible, Kitchen Sisters/Fugitive Waves cohost Nikki Silva, WDW Radio host Lou Mongello, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spoor of CRIMINAL, Tom Rossi of Buzzsprout, Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu of Buzzfeed’s Another Round, Lea Thau of Strangers, and Todd Pringle of Stitcher Radio.

The award ceremony listed more than 150 podcasts across 15 categories. The winners included the following:

-Best Business Podcast: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

-Best Food Podcast: The Feed

-Best Ideas and Education Podcast: Slate/Panoply’s Lexicon Valley

-Best Sports Podcast: ESPN’s Jellen and Jacoby

-Best Lifestyle and Health Podcast: The Tim Ferris Show

-Best Spirituality and Religion Podcast: Relevant Magazine’s Relevant Podcast

-Best News and Politics Podcast: The Brookings Institute’s Brookings Cafeteria podcast

-Best Science and Medicine podcast: The Stuff Network’s Stuff to Blow Your Mind

-Best Music and Commentary Podcast: Roadhouse Podcast

-Best Society and Culture Podcast: Roman Mars’ 99% Invisible

-Best Kids and Family Podcast: WNYC’s The Longest Shortest Time

-Best Entertainment Podcast went to The Incomparable

-Best Games and Hobbies podcast went to Convert to Raid

-Best Technology Podcast went to Gimlet Media’s Reply All.

-Best Comedy Podcast went to Midroll Media/WolfPop’s Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Aukerman

The Academy also hosted the “People’s Choice Award”, which allowed conference attendees to vote for either Smart Passive with Pat Flynn, 99% Invisible and Building Disney Magic with Lee Cockrell and Jody Maberry. While the score originally made it seem like Pat Flynn’s show was going to win, an influx of votes came in during the event that shot 99% Invisible to the top with more than half the vote.

The event was also used to induct a number of famous podcasters from the community into the Academy’s Hall of Podcasting Fame. These honorees included Danny Pena of Gamertag Radio, Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central and Blubrry, Leo Laporte of TWIT.TV and This Week in Tech, Mur Lafferty of Geek Fu Action Grip and Angry Robot Podcast, Scott Sigler of Earthcore, Podshow and, and Adam Curry of No Agenda, MTV and Daily Source Code.

A common theme among the acceptance speeches was the importance of community. Many of the award winners thanked their listener community for giving them the chance to do what they’re doing. Curry himself, considered by many in the podcasting community to be the “Podfather”, emphasized this point throughout his acceptance speech. He told podcasters to not worry about money, but to focus on building a dedicated niche audience. The event closed out around 9 PM CET, when hundreds of creators streamed out of the room towards free refreshments provided by podcast hosting company Buzzsprout.

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