How to start a fire

1) Fell a tree: You cannot make a match without a matchstick. To get a matchstick you need wood. How do you get wood? You fell a tree. We all have reasons, excuses, obstacles and fears. They are often deeply rooted and have grown fat and tall being fed by all the negative forces in our lives. If you want to make a change you have to cut down the tree. If you can’t see your forest of opportunities, then it is time to fell a tree. The tree that is now blocking your vision will become the fuel for achieving your dreams. Woods used to make matchsticks must be porous enough to absorb various chemicals, and rigid enough to withstand the bending forces encountered when the match is struck. They should also be straight-grained and easy to work, so that they may be readily cut into sticks.

2) Visit a lumber mill: Cutting down a tree is a start but it is too much wood to make matches of. You need to take our tree to a mill. There you will find the tools you need and the people who know how to use them to cut your tree down to small manageable and useable pieces. You will find that when all of the processing is said and done you already have enough fuel for a lifetime.

3) Apply protective coating: Before the tip is added matchsticks are covered with a protective coating of ammonium phosphate. This keeps the stick from smoldering after the match has gone out. Down-time is crucial. As you begin this new chapter it is tempting to allow your efforts to consume every moment of every day. It is important to remember that unless you remember to take precautions you can burn yourself, your loved ones and even your most crucial bridges and refuges out

4) Add a little hot wax for later: Matches won’t stay lit for long without a little reserve fuel, so a little paraffin wax is added to the tip. You must ensure that you have a little reserve fuel for yourself. When things get tough you need to have a little extra source of motivation and inspiration to see you through. You don’t want to flame out before you’ve accomplished your goal.

5) Mixing it up: The head of match head is made of a number of ingredients that are combined on the end, in a tip and a base, of the match with a bit of friction will give us the spark that we are looking for. You are at a juncture in your efforts where it is crucial that you bring together some final elements.

The first is education, you know how to do an incredible amount of things, just to get through your everyday life. You had to learn all of these things. You will now have to learn your way into the new elements of the new life you are creating for yourself.

Discipline is the next element. You must be consistent in your efforts. When activities become habits you will continue to do the activities that are necessary for your business to run even when your motivation is running low and you don’t feel like working.

Motivation: This is the most crucial of the final elements. Motivation is like the phosphorus in the tip of a match it is highly combustible, ignites easily, burns white hot and can be gone in a flash. Most people find that more money will get them started but won’t keep them “fired up for long”. Much like the tip and base money is great for the initial spark but you need a base of a more substantial reason or reasons to maintain that flame once you it’s started. You need a why, for your why? Think about what money will free you from. Now ask yourself. What will more money give me the FREEDOM TO DO? Answer that and you have the why behind your why.

6) Striking surface: Now we need a striking surface. The good news is that we’ve made a strike-anywhere match. All we need is action and adversity to get a spark going and those are two things that can happen anytime and anywhere. You need them both to creation the friction, that creates the heat that lights our match. Avoiding either means no spark and no flame.

7) Light a candle: Use your flame to start something that will burn and burn like a candle, lamp, a fireplace or even a bonfire. But don’t stop there use your light to light someone else’s candle and someone else and some one else. Those three candles will light three more candles each and those 9 candles will also light 9more. Look at all the light your little match has created.

Thrive Laterally, Live Wyldy & Stay Quirktastik for Lyfe



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Suki Q. Preylo

Whole Person Certified Coach & Developer of the Essentiaology Method. Pursing Life’s Purpose to Collaborate with Clients in Enduring Transformations.