Two Minute Review:
When just want to know if you should get it or forget it.

For Your Consideration: Mary Roach author of bestselling non-fiction titles
Titles Include: Grunt, Gulp, Bonk, Spook, & Stiff
Difficulty: 7th grade reading level.
Get It: If you love science, love to laugh or both. Need a great gift that will endear you to the beloved nerd in your life. I suspect (no personal experience) a pre-teen boy would love her work.
Skip It: Not for those who are excessively squeamish.
Maturity: Pre-teen (“Bonk” Adult and older teen, see below)
Overall: Great pick for anyone.

NOTE: Her title “Bonk” is about sex. While neither graphic, titillating or pornographic I can’t recommend it for pre-teen readers, like I might her other titles. As always, it is best to test my assessments by reading any of these titles yourself to gage appropriateness for your young reader.



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Suki Q. Preylo

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