What’s the True Cost?

You protect a “high performer” because their production is so astronomically high they are untouchable? Because it costs twice their salary to replace them?

Your HR department becomes a mafia protecting the untouchables, even threatening those not willing to toe the line. An army willing to go to war against their own to protect the status quo.

You think Uber views this news as worth more than the cost a few leather jackets? You think Uber CEO Travis Kalanick now feels that the cost of replacing a “high performer” looks like chump change?

So what was the cost?

You think the suppression of those bullied, harassed, threatened, and replaced didn’t undo all the work of the “high performers”? No way those economics end up positive.

But more than money, what was the true cost?

How do you think those women felt at work every day? Not appreciated. Not even safe.

What do you think their loved ones felt when they heard the stories at home in the evening? The weight of fear for those dear to them.

What do you think their friends felt when they got the latest update on the weekend? Anger on behalf those special to them.

You did it all financial gain, but can you put a dollar value on what you cost them?