Dispatch Dev Update 5–Product Lineup

Testnet 2.0 Launch, The Dispatch Mobile App, and Network Scanner!

Zane Witherspoon
Jul 17, 2018 · 3 min read
Flexing on that full stack

We’ve been hard at work on Dispatch development and we have SO MUCH to show for it. Not only do we have major upgrades to our Testnet, but we’ve been pushing forward on the official Dispatch Mobile Wallet, and the official Scandis network scanner!

Testnet 2.0 is Live!

On June 19th, our official Testnet Beta went live! We’re now technically 2.0.3 (), but our new and improved Testnet includes features and functionality like:

  • Smart-Contracts! (Solidity/EVM byte-code compatible)
  • More robust security for the
  • BigInt support (for all those little Divvitos)
  • grpc network pooling upgrades
  • Tons of bug fixes

That’s right we’ve got Smart-Contract support! We’ll have a more extensive tutorial post on deploying and interacting with Smart-Contracts on the new Testnet soon, but those of you with a sense of adventure can dig in to our new updates in .

Disclaimer: This is still a testnet and we cannot assure data integrity until Mainnet launch. Contracts and balances will be wiped periodically.

The Dispatch Mobile Wallet

Pending approval by the Apple app store is of the Dispatch platform! Soon to be available on both iOS and Android, the app will be a one stop shop for consumers who want to check balances, trade tokens, and keep up with Dispatch news.

In order to provide mobile support for the Dapps currently building on Dispatch, we plan on building out the Dispatch App as a mobile browser Dispatch Dapp interface too!

Scan Dis Network!

The ScanDis Network Scanner

Last but certainly not least is the long-awaited Testnet network scanner, the prototype of which is currently available at: Currently the network scanner supports all of the functionality of the old (sending testnet tokens, checking tx status, compare delegate ledgers) plus new features still to come:

  • Smart-Contract deployment interface (done!)
  • Smart-Contract interaction interface
  • Network Statistics (# of tx, nodes, & smart-contracts over time)
  • Dapp Store

To finalize our transition from Testnet Alpha to Beta we’re redirecting => on Monday July 23rd.

Don’t feel like reading? Here’s the cliffs-notes


If you’re excited about our updates give us a 👏 or a share. Have an opinion or feedback? We want to hear it. Join the conversation on


Dispatch Protocol, dispatchlabs.io

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