Dispatch Dev Update 7 —10/10/18

The release of Testnet 2.3, Development Docs, and Hush-hush Secret Sauce

We’ve covered a lot of development ground since the last Dev Update, so this update is going to be packed full of awesome new tech you can play around with, so let’s not waste any time!

Node popping up errywhere

Testnet 2.3

Our Testnet 2.3 came out last Thursday with some awesome new updates including but not limited to:

  • Delegate Update Protocol — You like playing around on our testnet, right? You don’t like losing your tokens when we push an update, right? Well you’ll be really happy that thanks to 2.3 Delegates will be able to update to new versions of the Dispatch protocol without wiping the ledger!
  • Finalized DVM — We’ve finished up the final OpCodes to make sure we support all of the most recent EVM/Solidity versions to date. Most of the focus here was around the ability for Smart Contracts to call and even deploy other Smart Contracts
  • Local API — Now in the disgo client, you can curl your own local node to do things like check account balances, send transactions, deploy Smart Contracts, and execute Smart Contracts
  • Hella bug fixes — No release would be complete without a boatload of broken things becoming less broken

Developer Relations (aka “Here comes Colin!”)

aka “The API Guy”

Devs, meet Colin Lowenberg. Colin is a staple of the SF crypto community and has over a decade of Developer Relations experience. Although he’s only just recently joined the Dispatch family, he’s already done a fantastic job in making the Developer on-boarding experience awesome! Here’s a short list of some of his initiatives so far:

  • API Documentation— Do you love APIs? Did you know you the Dispatch Protocol can be operated almost entirely with an HTTP API? Well Colin (aka ‘The API Guy”) has done an amazing job of documenting our API so you can play around with it. Go check out the docs at https://api.dispatchlabs.io/
Exports to Postman too, because who doesn’t love Postman?
Image result for zksnarks
Data privacy much?


We’ve been thinking a lot about the value of data. As more and more projects are building on Dispatch, we’ve been thinking about the best way to enable businesses to get the value out of their applications’ data while not infringing on their users’ data-sovereignty.

We’re using a combination of zkSnarks, Homomorphic Encryption, and Secure Multi-Party Computation, to do some really cool things on the data stored in the DAN. The potential applications are endless, and we’re excited to be bringing you more information in the coming weeks.

Don’t feel like reading? Here’s the cliffs-notes


  • We launched Testnet 2.3 this Thursday
  • We’ve written the Delegate Update Protocol for pushing updates to the network
  • We’ve finalized the DVM to support the full range of EVM/Solidity contracts
  • We’ve crafted a Local API in our disgo node for easier use of the network
  • We’ve got a new Director of Developer Relations, Colin Lowenberg
  • Shiny new API documentation
  • Shiny new Getting Started Guide
  • Sign up for our Dispatch Developer’s Kit
  • Our new secret sauce is going to change the world 🌍
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