Dispatch ships Testnet 2.3 update with completed Virtual Machine

Dispatch, a startup building an innovative platform for distributed applications and analytics, has launched version 2.3 of its Test Network. In this release, Dispatch has made crucial improvements to the Dispatch Virtual Machine that acts as the backbone of its ecosystem.

The latest DVM improvements give Dispatch the ability to update all network nodes remotely, along with other bug fixes and iterations to optimize security and performance.

The DVM improvements, which will also be included in Dispatch’s main network when it launches later in the fourth quarter of 2018, are an important milestone in the company’s efforts to build the best platform yet for data-centric, enterprise-ready distributed applications.

“It’s been exciting almost beyond words to see this new platform we’re building come together one piece at a time,” said Zane Witherspoon, Dispatch’s co-founder and chief technical officer. “The DVM is a crucial piece of that puzzle, so it’s particularly gratifying to see it take shape, especially in light of all the hard work I know our development team has put into it.”

Dispatch will offer radically improved dApp performance on its platform primarily through use of an innovative algorithm for verifying transactions on its distributed ledger. This algorithm, called Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS), is the crucial ingredient in the DVM.

The Testnet 2.3 update builds upon a robust set of features previously deployed on the system by Dispatch. Those include:

Upon full production launch of its main network, Dispatch’s new platform will enable distributed apps (or “dApps” for short) across a wide array of industries, from healthcare to supply chain to music to media. The full Dispatch system is being built to offer exponentially speedier performance over Ethereum, currently the most popular dApp platform publicly available.

As an initial step, Dispatch’s development team built its Testnet to help identify and troubleshoot the DVM and DAPoS prior to full launch.

Anyone can participate in Dispatch’s Testnet by creating a node on the network using the API documentation available here.

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