Hackathon winner builds Dispatch wallet extension for Chrome

Jul 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Congratulations to Abhishek Sharma, winner of the Dispatch Labs sponsor challenge at hack.summit(), a virtual hackathon organized by Deconet earlier this month. Abhishek’s winning entry was Consign, a Chrome extension he built that functions as a wallet for Dispatch tokens.

Pretty nifty stuff indeed — and already an important addition to the Dispatch ecosystem. Consign interacts with the Dispatch test network for now. But as we move closer to full production launch of our new blockchain protocol by year end, we’ll need tools like Consign for users to participate in the new ecosystem we’re enabling.

Abhishek also created a video (including appropriately badass background music) to demonstrate Consign’s functionality:

As winner of our sponsor challenge, Abhishek will get a one-month virtual internship with Dispatch to continue building cool stuff. We’re eager to see what he’ll come up with next!

Deconet is a decentralized marketplace for code and development. Their hack.summit() event included a grand prize in open competition, as well as individual sponsor challenge prizes from each of the companies that supported the hackathon.

Dispatch was proud to partner with Deconet as one of those sponsors. Our Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Zane Witherspoon also served as a judge for the competition.

Learn more about Dispatch Labs:


Dispatch Protocol, dispatchlabs.io

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