Matt McGraw
Sep 27, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m done with blockchain. I’m out. No more!

Don’t worry. I’m still CEO at both Dispatch and The Bureau, our accelerator that’s funding several startups working on some exciting distributed-ledger technologies (DLT). And I still strongly believe in decentralization as a critical philosophical framework. Look for a lot of thinking and activity coming from our space in San Francisco’s historic Mission District on this front shortly.

In short, I’m still a believer in DLT and distributed systems. This is the technology stack that utilizes the decentralization philosophy in the real world. I also still believe in cryptocurrencies, and the economic layer extension to core decentralization principles.

So how exactly am I “done with blockchain?”

I’m done, and totally out, of the cruises, the parties, the hired ladies, the crazy last-minute sponsorships for a private dinner with crypto investors who actually don’t have any money anymore.

I’m done pretending that a dude who got rich in a bubble knows anything about investing or technology just because of his philosophical belief in decentralization — even if I agree with him on that.

I’m done with the bro chest-ups about which “project” is better. Can we call them companies or technologies already?

Hey, blockchain scene. I saw you already in high school and didn’t like you then.

We all have a chance to change the world. So spend all day, every day, doing that, and you’ll have my utmost respect. It’s about outcomes as much as intentions. Get to work.

Stop talking to each other on boats and rooftops. Talk to the boring guy in a suit that could build something on your platform, or to the member of Congress who needs to be educated about Liquid Democracy or instant-runoff voting.

Be visionary in your thinking but pragmatic in your approach. You’ll actually get closer to your goals much more quickly. And with less stress.

Then, when your work is done for the day, go to a boat party and enjoy yourself. By all means. Just don’t confuse the party with productivity.

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Matt McGraw

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Matt is a father, husband and Serial Entrepreneur with multiple successful exits based in San Francisco. His 3 adult kids have to successfully exit next.



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