2D Vertical Shooter Fast Striker Offers PS4 & Vita Action

We love a bit of retro 2D shooting at Disposable Media. And the release of Fast Striker for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita definitely ticks all our boxes. It was originally developed for the NeoGeo MVS by NGDev, arrived as one of the last games released for the Sega Dreamcast, and will now be available as a download or rare Limited Edition physical release for the PS4 and Vita.

So Fast Striker covers pretty much everything a retro vertical schmup obsessive could desire. But somehow Qazimod hasn’t had time to write about it, so I’m stepping in!

Quick history lesson first. NGDEV was founded as an indie game developer back in 2001 by German brothers Timm and Rene Hellwig. And they’ve specialised in 2D shooters and arcade-style games for 17 years including the likes of Last Hope, Gunlord, Razion and Neo XYX. The original versions of Fast Striker arrived for the Neo Geo and Dreamcast back in 2010, and on iOS in 2011. Play-Asia still have the listings for the regular and Limited Edition Dreamcast versions with positive reviews from all those years ago, even if the games are obviously out of stock now.

Fast Striker Screenshot Main Menu

Now back to the present. NGDEV and publisher eastasiasoft are releasing PlayStation 4 and PS Vita editions of Fast Striker based on the latest updated version of the game, which is version 1.5. And it features cross-buy support when it’s available on October 17th as a download for €6.99. Which is a good way to experience the six stages, four game modes and constant 60 fps action.

Fast Striker Screenshot Action 2

But there’s more. Just 2,200 copies are being created of a physical Limited Edition release for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. In addition to a region free copy of the game and manual, you’ll also get the Fast Srtiker Collector’s Box, an Original Soundtrack CD, and a Numbered Certificate.

The Fast Striker Playstation 4 Limited Edition physical release is only available through Play-Asia. And the same is true of the Fast Striker PlayStation Vita physical Limited Edition, which might well be the rarer version if you’re looking to buy it as an investment.

Obviously we’d never encourage someone to invest in videogames that weren’t worth playing. So what’s Fast Striker actually like as a game?

Fast Striker Trailer:

Fast Striker: The Game:

The fast-paced, reaction-led vertical shoot ’em up is set in 2020, a year that’s not far away now. Machines constructed to protect and serve mankind in Hyper Blues City have run amuck. And their inventor Samial Salival has disappeared without a trace. Now the robots are building a weapon to completely destroy the city, protected by a flight squad led by the City Guardian. And the only hope is you aboard the Fast Striker FX-1 Prototype.

Fast Striker Screenshot Action 4

Which means selecting a difficult level from Novice, Original, Maniac and Omake modes. And to accomodate beginners and expert shooter addicts, each mode has a different playable ship, features and scoring system. So in Novice mode you shoot the enemies and collect gold stars. Whereas other difficulties let you spread your shots, fire rocket attacks and use an energy beam to multiply your score. As well as rewarded you for being closer to the enemies before you kill them.

Fast Striker Screenshot Action 5

There are a total of six stages to survive and save your city. And more than 40 unique enemy types to destroy.

If that’s not enough, completing the game on a single credit will let you take on a hidden boss. And to discover the true ending of Fast Striker.

“We’re thrilled to bring our unique twist on the classic vertical shoot ’em up to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita owners,” said René Hellwig, Game Designer at NGDEV. “Fast Striker will test the hand-eye coordination of even the most experienced arcade players.”

You do get the options to map your control buttons. And to use the adjustable screen settings, giving yourself the optimal chance of victory.

The physical Fast Striker Limited Editions for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita can be viewed now on the Play-Asia site and you can save them for when they’re available to pre-order, or sign up for an email alert as soon as you can grab a copy before they sell out.

Originally published at Disposable Media.