Arrow Star Stephen Amell Proves His Real Ninja Skills

Arrow star Stephen Amell has been playing the DC Comics hero now since 2012. And the series has often featured flashbacks to his training on the island of Lian Yu, as well as regular workouts in the ‘Arrow Cave’. Quite often we see Oliver Queen showing his skills on the ‘Salmon Ladder’. That’s the move where he climbs up a series of rungs by launching himself upwards, hanging from a horizontal pole. But the 2017 Red Nose Day Celebrity Ninja Warrior has let more people watch as Arrow star Stephen Amell proves his real ninja skills!

Fans of Amell and the show won’t be too surprised. Not only is he a keen parkour and free runner, but he also regular shares his workouts on social media. And performs many of his own stunts.

He’s also a big fan of professional wrestling, and has previously appeared in the ring to confront wrestler Stardust. That led to a tag team match with Amell and Neville fighting Stardust and King Barrett at SummerSlam in 2015. After a win for Amell and Neville, the wrestlers backstage were said to have been impressed with his performance, and he received a Slammy wrestiling award for ‘Celebrity Moment of the Year’ after diving off the top turnbuckle onto Stardust and Barrett.

And there are plenty of guides around online if you want to try and work out to get a similar physique. We’ll stick to watching Amell demonstrate his athletic prowess and raise money for some great causes. And then get back to watching him battle evil with his bow and hood…

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