Cross-Platform Sandbox Pixel Worlds Out for PC on June 9

Pixel Worlds is a social sandbox game which allows players to farm, build and trade items. It’s pretty popular with more than 1 million players already on mobile, enjoying the community and 2D pixel art graphics. And from Friday, June 9th, it’ll be out for PC and Mac via Steam, with cross-platform play to let mobile and desktop gamers play together.

Pixel Worlds Cross Platform Sandbox PC release

Created by Finnish developer Kukouri, Pixel Worlds as hundreds of different building blocks and materials available. And almost 1000 items including furniture and clothing. Along with the cross-platform play, the other interesting element is that the in-game ecnomy is run by players themselves by bartering via in-game chat in the player-designed marketplaces. Which is refreshingly old school.

Originally published at Disposable Media.