Innokin Pocketbox Review

I’ve been vaping for quite a while now, and largely I’ve been happy with my existing kit, like my Aspire Zelos. But there are new vape kits coming to the market all the time. So when the nice people at e-cigarette Direct got in touch to offer me a review product, I jumped at the chance. And that’s why you’re now reading this Innokin Pocketbox review.

The Innokin intrigued me for a few reasons. It’s an all-in-one (AIO) device which are becoming increasingly popular. But coming from a well-established brand, it offers more power than most of the similarly small kits. And it also comes ready to use as a Direct-to-Lung (DTL) device. Until now, I’ve mainly stuck with Mouth-to-Lung setups, which are the most similar to the technique you would use to smoke a normal cigarette. Whereas DTL is a quick inhale and exhale, producing bigger clouds and potentially releasing more flavour.

And finally it’s also an incredibly cost-effective option, so it makes vaping, and particularly DTL vaping, that bit more accessible.

The Innokin Pocketbox Review

The Innokin Pocketbox comes in at just £25.99, and has a weight of around 150 grammes. But it’s no lightweight when it comes to the vaping experience. The packaging is nicely put together and comes with everything you need aside from e-liquid. And it’s easy to get everything unpacked and skim through the quick start guide. As an all-in-one device with a coil on the bottom of the tank, it’s very easy to get started.

Innokin Pocketbox Review Box Open

The build quality is great and feels nice and solid. The carbon fibre effect stickers are covered by the shell of the Innokin Pocketbox, so they shouldn’t fold up and peel off with use. Unscrewing the tank is nice and easy, and the threads feel solid enough to put up with plenty of use. And there’s a rubber coated fire button on the top of the device which feels reliable and fairly satisfying to use. So it’s an attractive unit, which is important when it’s about simplicity and ease-of-use rather than looking like a home-made Steampunk creation.

The biggest shock is realising exactly how tiny the Innokin Pocketbox is.

Innokin Pocketbox Review Box Contents

Innokin Pocketbox Kit Contents:

Inside the box, you’ll find everything neatly packed away:

  • 1 Innokin Pocketbox
  • 1 DTL Coil 0.35 ohm
  • 1 Micro USB Charge Cable
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • And some spare rubber which isn’t listed but always handy to have.

The quick start is easy:

  • Unscrew the top/cap and remove
  • Screw coil into the housing
  • No need to prime the coil
  • Fill e-liquid to max fill line
  • Replace top cap finger tight
  • Leave it to sit for 5–10 minutes to soak the coil
  • X3 clicks of the fire button to turn on and off
  • Hit fire button to vape
  • Battery level LED: Green, Yellow, Red when the battery is getting low.

Using the Innokin Pocketbox:

The Innokin Pocketbox itself is roughly 4.8cm long, 5cm high excluding the tank, and around 2.5cm wide, according to my slightly wonky tape measuring. Including the tank only takes it up to 7.5cm high. That compares with about 13–14 cm for the likes of the Aspire Nautlius, ELeaf iStick and other similarly taller designs, which makes it a lot easier to slip into a coat pocket, or hide in the palm of your hand.

What this does mean is that the fire button takes a slightly different technique. I’ve got relatively small hands, but even I found it hard to comfortable vape using my thumb on the fire button. Instead, using my thumb and second finger to hold the device allows me to comfortably use my first finger to trigger it.

Innokin Pocketbox Review In Hand

Is it worth adapting? I’d definitely say yes, based on my experience. It’s a little strange that an AIO device at a low price point comes with only a Direct-to-Lung 0.35 ohm coil as standard (rated for 20–40W). But it works incredibly well for creating surprisingly large clouds from such a small device. I’ve tried a few different DTL devices borrowed from friends and in local shops, and in terms of vapour output, it definitely outperforms for the size of it.

Using 50/50 VG/PG juices I’m familiar with, like IVGs Pineappple Blast and Blackberg, it delivered a decent amount of flavour. Certainly for the type of device it is, the Pocketbox definitely worked well. The dual airflow holes are easily turned to reduce the amount of air and increase the flavour a bit if you like, but honestly I didn’t feel the need as I like things pretty airy anyway.

Generally higher VG rations like 70/30 or 80/20 are more suited to DTL vaping, but I thought I’d stick with my usual mixtures for a better comparison between the two techniques. But the Pocketbox will handle a 70/30 liquid well.

Innokin Pocketbox Review Vaping Indoors

Not necessarily the most subtle!

Charging is easy enough via your computer with the supplied USB cable for 1–2 hours. And it supports pass-through so you can vape at the same time. The internal battery is a 1200mAH for those interested. That generally lasts around 1.5–2 tanks of juice, with a bit of a drop in performance as the battery indicator turns to yellow and red. But you can’t really expect all day performance from something so small and discrete to carry around.

So far so good. Being a DTL kit, you will get through a tank of liquid relatively quickly. And refilling is simple, by just unscrewing the top, dropping your liquid in to the Max Fill line and doing the top back up.

Refilling is probably the biggest Achilles heel for the Innokin Pocketbox. It’s simple enough to do, but having a black max fill line on a dark background means it’s really easy to go over. And there’s not a lot of leeway before reinserting the coil inevitably causes liquid to leak around the top of the tank. Obviously if you go a lot over, that’s a lot of potentially wasted juice down the sides of the Pocketbox.

You get used to it over time, and learn to keep some tissue handy. But It’s much easier to keep overfilling than with other tank designs, and has happened to me far more than with other kits.

Sadly the Pocketbox only comes with the one DTL coil. So I can’t compare it to my MTL kits, beside a few puffs with the airholes almost closed. And it’s just about usable in that way, but it would have been good to have an MTL coil included, particularly as that’s often the style chosen by beginner vapers who smoked before switching. Which is exactly the sort of market the Innokin Pocketbox seems ideal for.

It’s also slightly harder to find replacement coils for the Pocketbox than for more establish tank set-ups. So you’ll probably need to order replacements online from somewhere like e-cigarette Direct, with a five pack costing you £9.99 — comparable to other vaping kits and coils.

Innokin Pocketbox Review — The Conclusion:

I’ve been really impressed by the Innokin Pocketbox, as this review probably shows. Having been tempted to switch to more Direct-to-Lung vaping, I wanted to be able to try it without investing lots of money. And it does that job perfectly. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and immediately went into daily rotation at home alongside my Aspire and Eleaf kits.

The build quality is also great for the price and I’ve had no problems with it besides overfilling. And that’s really the only flaw. You’re going to get through liquid pretty quickly, especially if you’re out and about. And refilling pretty much guarantees some spillage if you’re not in good light and very careful. So while it’s great to fit into a pocket, purse or handbag for a night out, you’re probably also going to need to pack a fair bit of kitchen roll. And you might not make it all the way through the night before needing a recharge.

Innokin Pocketbox Review Being Used

Would I recommend the Innokin Pocketbox? Definitely if you’re mainly vaping at home, and you’re either looking to try Direct to Lung vaping as a new vaper or after using MTL for a while. And also as a back-up, spare or alternative to have when your main kit is out of action or with an alternate flavour. I’ve always run two kits with different flavours at the same time, which really helps minimise getting bored or having issues if there’s a problem with one of my kits. And for £25.99, the Innokin Pocketbox is great to have around to play with some DTL flavours.

Disclosure: The Innokin Pocketbox and 3 eliquid samples were supplied for review by e-cigarettes Direct. No payment or editorial input was supplied and our review is based entirely on our honest opinions of the product.

Originally published at Disposable Media.