New Reinhardt Overwatch Animated Short Film

Reinhardt has always been a popular Overwatch hero choice, mainly due to his Barrier Field. But he’s often seen as a final pick for escort missions at lower levels, because his offensive capabilities work best when playing as a team rather than six solo DPS choices. Hopefully this new Reinhardt Overwatch animated short film will inspire more people to see the value in German tank.

We’ll try and overlook the fact that as a European, it should be ‘honour’ rather than the American spelling! The film shows a young Reinhardt as part of the German Crusader force, fighting against the robotic Omnic army. And the title refers to the Crusader motto ‘Live with honour, Die with glory’.

The seven minute film opens with a young and impetuous Reindhardt Wilhelm discussing the imminent departure of Crusader leader Balderich von Adler to join the newly-formed Overwatch team. And it’s not really a spoiler to say that the events of the new Reinhardt Overwatch animated short film reveal how it changed to be Reinhardt who joined the team instead.

It also reveals why the now aging Reinhardt is prepared to return to battle in his 60s, having been pushed out of Overwatch before it was disbanded due to his veteran status. Alongside him is Brigitte Lindholm, the daughter of Torbjorn, who travels with the German to help him maintain his armour.

New Reinhardt Overwatch Animated Short Film

It’s been quite a while since there has been any major change to Reinhardt’s abilities or character. But hopefully watching the new Reinhardt Overwatch animated short film will mean “Justice will be done” and more gamers will play as the stout German tank. Rather than rapidly selecting and deselecting him so that someone else volunteers while they pick Hanzo or Genji yet again…

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