AI Marketing 2020: 7 Trends To Watch Out For This Year

Jan 13 · 5 min read

Marketing is escalating at such a rapid pace that it might all seem confusing at times. The concept of marketing is present for a number of years now and has seen several significant changes over time, with various new marketing trends coming up lately.

One such recent trend has been the use of AI or artificial intelligence for marketing campaigns. This trend is still in its infant stage but growing rapidly. The use of AI has made the jobs of agency professionals simpler in a lot of ways.

For example, consider chatbots. Now, if you open a website, a message window will pop up where you can ask basic questions and get instant answers. This is due to chatbots. The need for talking to or chatting with an executive is completely eliminated due to the presence of chatbots until your problem needs human involvement.

If you are wondering how will AI marketing trends dominate 2020, you are at the right place. Below is a list of anticipated AI market trends for this year.

7 AI Marketing Trends In 2020

1. Real-Time Interactions

For retail marketing, customer interactions take place across every channel. Now, no customer likes to wait for days or weeks to interact with the business. Here, AI comes to the rescue. AI facilitates real-time interactions, which enables instant conversation between the business and its customers.

Additionally, it has become the need of the hour for brands to listen to their customers. AI will not only listen to the customers but also provide valuable customer data. If a business does not include this feature in its process, it may end up losing its customers to other businesses that facilitate real-time interactions.

2. Voice Assistance

Voice search has not been adopted widely by businesses as of now. However, it is a crucial tool for exponential reach because an increasing number of households are beginning to use smart speakers in their homes, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Even the majority of the mobile phones support voice assistants. It is expected that 50% of the 2020 online searches will be via voice or images. This is why it is becoming essential for businesses to adopt voice search. Voice search will not only interest their existing as well as potential customers but also help the business lead in its competition.

3. Better Customer Retention Due to Valuable Insights

By adopting AI, businesses have a powerful opportunity to create value for their stakeholders and consumers for customer retention and AI. Businesses that interact directly with the customers will specifically benefit from the AI.

AI will not only help to establish a strong customer experience but also combine information from different sources to produce valuable insights about their customers. By using this information, businesses can drive their customers back into their markets. Additionally, businesses can also attract new customers by understanding the way their potential customers interact with other similar businesses. The use of AI will collect all the information, segregate it, and combine it to provide meaningful insights.

4. Improved Customer Services

Through the use of AI, businesses are able to offer personalized customer services to their users, such as custom messages, emails, calls, and notifications. AI has the ability to personalize information of a customer at the right time. It can gather and keep the information separate for a large number of customers as well.

Unlike humans, the AI will study the way customers interact with the business and provide them with offers, recommendations, and content that they would like to see. Additionally, AI is capable of sending notifications to an individual customer when they are most likely to interact with the business by using a Bayesian Bandit model based technology, Sent Time Optimization. STO might be the biggest trend in 2020.

5. New Content Strategies

Writers often find it time-consuming and difficult to come up with a unique content strategy, specifically the one that is backed by data. AI-powered tools may develop content strategies based on real results a lot quicker than a person can.

Because of the presence of an abundance of content as well as time, AI-powered data-driven tools for developing content and social media strategies may become necessary in 2020.

6. Automation in Advertising

In 2019, digital marketing automation has been a business buzzword. 2020 will only see more startups and businesses emerging in this niche. Additionally, due to advanced ad targeting tools, the business will be able to effectively locate their target audience as well as reduce their corporate budget significantly.

Imagine your product is meant for people who are above 50. Through AI, you can not only target the people over 50 but also based on their location, profession, gender, etc. AI will use the algorithms and data present in your database to select only the required segment of individuals and advertise to those people only.

This will save a lot of time as well as money. Moreover, with so many technological advancements, be prepared to see more advanced automation in digital advertising.

7. AR/VR Technology

Augmented reality and virtual reality are kind of new concepts. It is expected that in 2020, customers will be able to experience a product or service before purchasing through AR/VR technology. Interacting with a product virtually will attract a lot of customers and persuade them to connect with your business.

Imagine if you are a real estate builder and are coming up with a new house concept of a building. Through VR/AR technology, you can create a prototype of the finished house and show it to the interested clients and investors. They will be able to not only see the exact sizes of everything but also feel the texture of fabrics and furniture.


Artificial intelligence will not only enhance the shopping experience for the customers but also let the businesses offer tailored services to their customers. Through learning algorithms and vast database, AI will be able to extract valuable information and store details of every person who has interacted with the business. The above-mentioned trends might be a hit in 2020 with a number of businesses adopting AI technology.

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