Everyday Superpowers for Making Change

The world needs more everyday superheroes that are willing to challenge the status quo — it’s time to redesign the products, services and systems that perpetuate significant social and environmental issues globally.

But, we are experiencing a crisis of agency, wherein people are open to identifying and expressing a problem set, but they don’t activate themselves to be part of the solution process. I call this the knowledge action gap and it is rife across industries. People identify a strong factor to “care about” significant issues, but then deflect the agency of action to outside forces.

I have been teaching innovation and creative thinking for over a decade and what I have discovered is that people often deflect responsibility to what I call the “bookends of social change,” government and education. Whilst both are critically important, regulation and information alone will not change the systems that perpetuate problems.

To do that– to change the systems– we need to re-script biases, build new mental models and construct narratives of the future that are not dystopian and filled with fear. The future is not defined, it is the result of the actions of individual agents in the present. If we keep hypothesizing doom and gloom, we will script the narratives that end up becoming the reality.

We all live in this incredibly beautiful, complex and chaotic world, and we all need air, food and water to survive. This means we all have a vested interest in not destroying the systems that sustain life on Earth. Yet, we perpetuate products and processes that are doing just that! It is ridiculous that we invest so much mental and creative energy in solving problems that don’t exist for people who don’t need more things.

My intervention into this space of agency identification and action is a pack of super powers that everyday people can adapt to adjust their thinking and doing habits, so we can start to address the significant issues we face collectively as a species living on this planet. From the power of problem loving to bias recognition, these power packs were designed to be used by anyone, anywhere, who wants to activate their agency, participate in the world with intention, and intervene in systems for positive change.

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