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The Global Post Disposable Design Challenge Briefs

We have a collective global challenge unprecedented in the history of humans on this Earth. We have designed ourselves into a tightly wound system of disposability that is wreaking havoc on the systems that sustain us all.

  1. Air pollution is one of the biggest killers globally
  2. Table salts around the world are contaminated with micro-plastics
  3. By 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
The post disposable challenge really looks at addressing these SDG goals

The Global Post Disposable Redesign Challenge

The Design Briefs

  1. Single-use plastics
  2. The clothing industry
  3. Electronic waste

How to use the Post Disposable Design Briefs

  1. Find a team of people who share your passion
  2. Set a clear timeline for your project
  3. Use a systems thinking approach to uncover the issues and opportunities in the area within your sphere of influence to activate change
  4. Communicate your ideas out into the world, tag the companies involved in social media, share your sketches on Instagram, find a designer to prototype your idea — the more conversations about the actions, the more change will happen
  5. There is no such thing as failure, just exploration, experimentation, and ideation — challenge yourself to think differently, explore the positive opportunities in every action of change, and be involved in activating the type of future you want to live in

What’s the prize?



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Leyla Acaroglu

UNEP Champion of the Earth, Designer, Sociologist, Sustainability Provocateur, TED Speaker, Educator, Founder of unschools.co, disrupdesign.co & coproject.co