Two Norwegian companies get together to save energy in the workplace

Energy savings in the workplace is easier than you think

We’ve all heard the story of a company using more energy than the building required. The client contacted a well-known energy supplier who gave them no suggestions on how to reduce their energy consumption in the future.

Due to the pandemic, the client’s activity ceased, but the building’s baseload power remained high.

The world’s smallest wireless sensors make a huge difference

In certain regions clients must pay an extra fee per hour during peak electricity usage months (October to March). As a result, when activities resumed, energy consumption and costs peaked. On average, 89 kWh were used in October 2019 and 136 in October 2020. The landlord and its tenants paid a heavy price.

Saving Energy & Improving Sustainability with Sensors

The landlord had a limited view of their ventilation system before deploying the IoT solution. 12 sensors were installed on the building’s HVAC systems to monitor and optimize ventilation times.

See the rest of the story and how much the landlord is saving HERE.




Founded in 2013, Disruptive Technologies is the developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors. Our solutions simplify data collection and enable digital retrofitting and remote monitoring of all buildings. We provide more efficient and sustainable operations in minutes.

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Pippa Boothman

I am a leader at Disruptive Technologies and am proud of what we are doing to contribute to an efficient and sustainable world. Here I will share our stories.

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