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Dissecting Reality

Artist Talk Response: Snow Yunxue Fu

After listening to Snow Yunxue Fu talk about her process I have been reevaluating how I prioritize myself as an artist.

Snow Yunxue Fu’s talk was really informative. I enjoyed seeing the breadth of her work especially Run, and getting a like at the platform where she developed virtual Washington Square Park. I wasn’t able to attend the launch, but I have looked at her website since.

One of the things she said that struck me was about the scale of the pieces she puts in her work. It’s hard to imagine, I think especially since we are so used to looking at the world through screens in the last year, but there is scale to everything.

In thinking about it, I can see how scale is humorous in everyday life at times, and how it’s intimidating or awe-inspiring.

I could also imagine how some of these environments would look in VR and how it would feel to be there. ‘

Snow’s talk also reminded me a little bit about the importance of inspiration. I have been trying to keep myself motivated over the last year on projects and one of the ways I had done that is to always have a bunch of things in progress so I was never bored.

This typically works but the thing is you also have to feed yourself in order to continue to produce work and to continue to produce good work on top of that.




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