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Dissecting Reality

Microassignments 4 + 5: Dream Study + Object In Unity

This is what happens when I analyze my dreams and try to put an object into Unity.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels

Micro Assignment 4: Dream Study

My dreams take either very strange or very pedestrian routes. Here are a few from this week.

The One With the Baby S!#&

My mother hands me a box and in it, is a diaper bag. Not a bag that’s just big enough that it could be a work bag, could be a diaper bag. This is a bag covered in pacifiers and rattles and obviously a baby bag. Plus, similar people were doing the same, giving me baby onesies and things like that meant for a child. Then my family members started talking to me in rhyme which only got worse when I called a friend to ask what was going on if someone knew something that I didn’t.

The One With the House in the Woods

I’m sitting in a house in the woods alone drinking a glass of wine and talking to a crow. The crow doesn’t necessarily talk back but I am having a very coherent one-sided conversation with this winged beast. There’s a painting of a beach on one wall that starts moving and when I get closer to it, it appears that one of the beach-goers has taken an interest in me and is climbing out of the frame and I grabbed a fireplace poker and smacked him over the head. The crow ate him for dinner.

Adding an Object in Unity

After watching the tutorial I made a new scene with my 3D object from the last assignment. I need to go back and explore Maya some more after realizing I had the wrong version downloaded, but I found it relatively easy to add something into Unity.

One thing I did see was that when I imported the object it was very small, but I found the scale menu on the sidebar which I played around with to get the desired effect. This was approximately a 500 scale.

I managed to get myself so turned around so that I could see the horizon line and while it looked like I had my object in a particular field of vision, I was surprised by how I had to position it to get a section in the viewport.

This is what the sphere looked like in game view.

I then decided to try messing with the environment a little bit to get a feel for placing objects in Unity. I managed to get them all in the game frame, but I have more work to do.

And the shapes in game view. I have no idea what this environment is supposed to be but I did try rotating the cube and just attempting to place the capsule in proximity.

VRL Response

After listening to the entire Voices of VR podcast I am really drawn to this idea of VR presenting an embodied experience. One of the things that frustrates me the most is that sometimes friends and family members don’t see the frustration in something until they’ve lived it.

I am an empath myself and so I feel like I am constantly picking on the experience and emotions of others, and perhaps really inappropriately I keep wanting others to feel an abundance of emotion for experiences they wouldn’t typically have.

I also found the accessibility and inclusion reading interesting. I took Regine’s user experience class in the summer of 2020 and I really enjoyed learning about accessibility standards and tried to incorporate subtitles, alt text, and other features that will improve accessibility in my everyday life.

We also did a project in that class that focused on AR for a visually impaired client and it was an interesting challenge to think about a primarily visual medium in a different way. I’m looking forward to trying to apply it more to my VR projects.




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