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Dissecting Reality

Prototyping + Julie Walsh Talk

Here’s where we’re at.

This week started with trying to pair down our idea and then ended up adding a third member to our team. I attempted to put our cathedral on a teleportation pad and broke it so instead of stressing about it I decided to watch some Unity and Maya material and UV map tutorials so that I could attack this fresh.

So while I pair back and skill build I also thought a bit about Julie Walsh’s talk in our class. I liked the breadth of artwork she showed us and was particularly drawn in by Scarecrow. It clearly took a lot of people to make that one performance so moving and I kind of wonder about the cost-benefit ratio.

Overall, I think I am more interested in VR as a tool for art than a tool for industry. I remember reading a book almost a year ago where a character ended up in the 21st Century from a utopia and he said his father was working on time travel for fun because they’ve fixed all the world’s problems and when you fix all the world’s problems the only thing left is entertainment.

The way that the variety of artists use VR as a form of expression intrigued me and I am very drawn into that type of use for technology.




Coursework and progress blog for NYU IDM Virtual Reality Class

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