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Revisiting Micro-Assignment 6 + VRL Response

After trying to get the Oculus to connect I went back to my tiny tree to try to get at least one thing to work.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

Hello, and we’re back with another round of “the writer tries to learn some new software” but first a VRL response.

Some Thoughts About Michael Lee’s Talk

The talk with Michael Lee was really interesting. Most of the technology he was using felt like it was going over my head a little bit, but I enjoyed it when he would discuss concepts and how his work experiences have helped him work in teams of all sizes.

It was also interesting hearing him talk about life after school. I ended up leaving my undergrad with a liberal arts education focusing on writing and art, and so much of my work was solitary. A large part of why I wanted to come to Integrated Digital Media was this chance to collaborate and learn from others and it’s part of why I am excited about our next assignment.

Michael touched on a lot of points that I agree with and that I’ve told other students myself. (Pays to be the slightly older one in graduate school!) My approach to my graduate education has been to network but I have made sure that my work still focused my interests to some extent.

Whether that’s saleable or not, I’ll worry about it later, cos I’ll have a better project if I am actually passionate about it.

I also spent many years in a job where I was the generalist learning whatever I needed to get by. It was definitely not an experience that I want to repeat, but I also admit to not feeling a specific affinity for any particular medium or type of project.

I’ve learned not to be married to tools and I’m not afraid to challenge myself but I’ve never been responsible for just one thing.

Keeping that in mind, here are my thoughts about this collaboration project.

Here’s the fact, I’ve learned a lot at my previous job. I will not recount some of the many things I worked on here, or this post would be a book.

So in looking at the CollabVRation assignment I am thinking one of these three roles in order of preference:

  1. Experience Designer
  2. Artist
  3. Accessibility Advocate

Now back to trying to get Unity to work like it’s supposed to with my Oculus.

In case you missed it, this was where I was at a few weeks ago trying to figure out how to get objects to look like they were part of the same item and seriously messing up the camera view.

I left off with a tiny tree on an island and some untested teleport pads, not a bad start but also not very interesting. So I revisited and went back over the tutorials thinking to myself, “lets at least get some apples to fall off the tree.”

So back I went over the tutorials and I added apples to my model.

After rewatching the last two tutorials I was able to make it so that a player could go in and grab the apples and throw them around and add the grab interaction to the apples.

I was even able to play and test on my Oculus and did see how my physics were absolutely. wonky, but rather than stress, I took the win and proceeded to attempt to deliver a package file.

Well, that was easier said than done because the only option Unity gave me was to send it as an .aab file.

Again didn’t panic or stress, and I googled the files instead. Looks like they’re fairly similar so I continued exporting.

And then when I tested it I realized that I had completely broken the file and you could only teleport you couldn’t grab anything. So I’m uploading what I have but I am going to continue tinkering.

So, did I accomplish what I set out to do? No, however I do understand unity a lot more than I did and I think that I can definitely try to create more and probably reboot this application again.




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