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Autonomous cars will increase urban road congestion

Glowing stories that say otherwise have focused on highways and far future scenarios

Congestion is a serious issue in developed countries, but autonomous cars are likely to be as much a part of the problem as part of the solution. Consider these US numbers from a study published in late 2015:

The top 30 bottlenecks are each responsible for more than one million hours of lost time annually. Drivers stuck on these roads experience total delays of about 91 million…




distnc is the house journal of distnc technologies inc, a firm developing sophisticated 3d, agent-based simulation solutions that work from industry standard CAD outputs to optimize construction and use of buildings.

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Michael Barnard

Michael Barnard

Advisor Agora & ELECTRON. Founder distnc & TFIE. Publish on low-carbon transformation and related politics.

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